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A-Medicare, a universal health care system that creates affordable healthcare and provides programs, declared its plans to deal with the most urgent human problems with the latest technology. It is introducing a new Crypto Coin that is set to play a pivotal role in the functionality of the increasing health services platform. A-Medicare Coin is going to be the next-gen medical facility within minimum expenses.

The current pandemic has highlighted a number of urgent problems. Among those, equitable access to quality health care is one of the most prominent issues. As a solution, artificial intelligence and blockchain computing is becoming more useful for providing immediate and secure payment processing that is currency agnostic and not liberated from middleman fees.

According to A-Medicare founder Enzo Zelocchi, A-Medicare promises HIPAA-compliment and seamless handling of medical records. It also promises AI-supported diagnostic assistance even for the conventionally underserved regions, through supercomputers and blockchain coding.

The A-Medicare Coin can be beneficial for its fundamental and exclusive role on the medical services platform. It will set apart from all competitors in cryptocurrency at the outset. Zelocchi sees his fiat currency as ultimately blossoming into general use and wide adoption. The underlying technology for the platform is essentially scalable.

Cryptocurrencies and fiat-backed stable-coins are taking the backseat as leading players such as J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs have introduced their own digital fiat currencies into the global marketplace. A-Medicare is creating a position for itself at the intersection of digital currencies and global health services innovations, where it promises to deliver a health-driven and socially conscious solution to every investor.

About A-Medicare

Based in Las Vegas, A-Medicare works relentlessly to decrease the health care cost and to improve its efficiencies using Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Blockchain technology. A-Medicare simplifies services by creating a universal database.

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