Frida Polli, Pymetrics

Frida Polli

“While the media and the public tend to focus on the negative sides of AI, algorithms can do more good than humans alone to bring about positive changes and improve equality in the workforce and beyond.“

Posted in Interviews By Disha Bhattacharya   Date October 23, 2020

John Kaplan, Centerline Digital

“If you test your actions against this benchmark, you remove bias and decision fatigue while ensuring that you do the best thing possible for your constituents.”

Posted in Interviews By Disha Bhattacharya   Date October 7, 2020

Ben John, Xandr

“If there is anything that the recent challenging business climate has proven, technology talent is key for any organization to succeed in this connected world.”

Posted in Interviews By Disha Bhattacharya   Date October 7, 2020

Chalva Tchkotoua, Factual VR

“Know the competitive marketplace, who are your key competitors? Look to position your company as a market disruptor.”

Posted in Interviews By Disha Bhattacharya   Date October 7, 2020

What is Sales Enablement and Why is it Significant in 2020?

Sales Enablement

Sales have evolved, so has the buyer’s journey, and that too in the most dramatic way possible. Google, in its well-known Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) whitepaper, told the world how buyers, now more than ever, are conducting thorough research about the product or service. As a result, they are equipped with smart questions, buying criteria, and well-thought-out… Read More »

The Ever-Growing Role of Technology in Criminal Justice System


Technology, being the gift that it is, has undoubtedly become an integral part of our lives. Today, technology is used in every area of work, and law enforcement is no exception. Among all the realms of the legal field, criminal justice has constantly leveraged the latest technological advancements not only to make their tasks easy… Read More »

How Can Marketing Leaders Manage the Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

impact of Covid19

The spread of Coronavirus is at its highest peak and businesses worldwide are taking the brunt of it. Around the globe, businesses are closing down and companies going bankrupt due to various restrictions put-up by the Government for the safety of their citizens. With social distance and remote work becoming the new normal, it is… Read More »