The Emergence of Digital Experience Platforms (DXP): Exploring The New Frontier of Digital Transformation

Digital Experience Platform

From an industry that’s fond of its acronyms, here’s another added to the list of CMS, ECM, WEM, DMS, EDMS, DI, CSP and now DXP. It’s kind of overwhelming, isn’t it? Well maybe not for the people from the IT industry but certainly for those who are still trying to catch and keep up with… Read More »

What Are the Risks of Crowdfunding?


The last time an idea was put on the backburner for the need of acceptance, feasibility or let’s just say funding, saw it fizzle out over time, of what could have been a revolutionizing reality. Sounds Victorian, isn’t it? Especially in today’s world where the world wide web and technologies have altered the manner in… Read More »

How Is the Internet of Things Influencing Our Personal Lives, Society, and Business Activities?

Internet of Things

A figmentation of yesteryears, nurtured futuristic dreams, the smart offices, homes, voice controlled devices, self-driving automobiles and all that your mind can conjure, if not a reality yet, is a distant possibility with the emergence of “Internet of Things (IoT)”. The history of IoT in itself is quite revolutionary in nature. The ‘What’ of IoT… Read More »

Posted in EmergTech, IoT By Vishal Gupta   Date March 26, 2020

How to turn the Data Centre into a Valuable Asset ?

Data Centers

Lest we forget what is data centre, all about? Before we delve into optimizing data centres enhancing its performance and overall capabilities thus turning it into a valuable asset, we need to take a step back and understand the need to do so. No longer just four walls, housing a centralized networking, servers, storage equipment’s… Read More »