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Alcor, a global digital transformation services company recently announced the launch of High5. Built on ServiceNow™ and accessible on the ServiceNow™ App Store, High5 is a one-of-its-kind, completely automated, flawless and collaborative Employee Reward and Recognition platform.

High5 not only lets companies simplify their employee appreciation process by connecting the entire workforce on one user-friendly platform but also makes it possible for the staff to show appreciation for personal milestones by giving High5 points. These points can be converted into tangible rewards such as cash, gift cards, etc, if sponsored by the organizations. Such types of gestures help in maintaining a coherent and friendly environment all the while motivating the employees to do better. 

Talking about the new launch, Marketing specialist at Alcor Solutions, Inc., Anna Alferova stated that they are delighted to offer such a useful product to the organizations. This launch holds even more significance due to the COVID-19 pandemic being at large and organizations looking for ways to keep the teams united and inspired, she elaborated.

With High5’s Basic and Premium plans comprising of competitive elements and affordable pricing, it is on the road to become one of the greatest solutions for enhancing the corporate culture of appreciation for each and every kind of companies. High5 promises an upgraded level of appreciation while building up work culture and accomplishing corporate goals. 

Sunita Gulia, Product Development Manager at Alcor Solutions, Inc., addressing the new development said that there has been a dramatic growth in the amount spent by the organizations on their employee reward and recognition programs. She says, it will keep growing for the next ten years and with a product like High5, organizations would find it easy to implement such a program faultlessly, all the while, covering the full HR lifecycle at the most affordable price. 

About Alcor 

Founded in 2008, Alcor Solutions Inc. is a global digital transformation services company serving Fortune 500, Government Agencies, and other leading enterprises in numerous industry verticals across US, Canada, Europe, Japan and India. Alcor advises top businesses on Cloud Platforms, HR Solutions, Technology & Robotic Automation, Digital Workflows, Integrated Risk Management, Enterprise Service Management and Data & Analytics.

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