Most departments within an organization have undergone minor to significant changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions on travel and employee capacity in office buildings have prompted departments to change work policies temporarily. Organizations have adapted to the conditions based on their financial capabilities and immediate requirements. Subsequently, this pandemic phase has led to structural and operational changes that will last over the long term.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Trends in 2022

HR teams work differently now as compared to the pre-pandemic era. The talent acquisition and recruitment trends in 2022 reveal the high development and adaptations during the past year. Constructive decisions and enhancements in technology prowess have allowed HR teams to carry on with their regular activities despite threats in the external environment. Emerging technology solutions reduce the talent acquisition and recruitment challenges, apart from streamlining other HR activities.

1. HR Technology Trends 2022 are shaping up the department –

The latest HR Technology trends have allowed HR teams to overcome the challenges like acquiring niche talent from remote regions or scheduling interviews. Potential employees can also apply for the job in which they have the most interest. Information transparency has improved, so candidates can research the company information and conclude whether the job is suitable. Let us explore what is new in HR technology.

Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Robotics are major technologies influencing the department today. Searching for candidates using specific parameters and keywords would not be functional if these technologies were non-existent. Electronic information management, mapping hiring processes, and dashboarding add relevance to the recruitment process.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) solutions have become a vital part of hiring and applicant screening. Sourcing candidates is more efficient because of the automated workflows and the use of Artificial Intelligence. It offers more flexibility for recruiters and saves on time and money. Talentpool is one example of ATS software, with the key benefits being a centralized database and a faster integration process.

2. The emphasis on ‘remote’ –

We are used to the usual online hiring platforms. There are multiple options for recruiters to browse the list of candidates and view the applications in detail. Over time, recruiters could use platforms based on the primary preferences and budgeting constraints. Recruiters from smaller companies also posted positions for free, which did not need a particular skill set. Although this streamlined the recruitment process to a great extent, newer trends call for an upgrade from simple online hiring platforms.

Until a few years ago, Recruitment teams would concentrate on finding suitable candidates for a particular post. They would screen the list of candidates perfect for the job and conduct face-to-face interviews subsequently. Post-pandemic, HR teams prepare for all the Talent Acquisition and Recruitment processes to be conducted remotely. HR teams must recruit talent without compromising on the skills and experience requirements, which is critical to the smooth functioning of operations upon hire. There is a lot of pressure on teams, which can be reduced by investing time and funds in Remote Hiring Software.

Remote Hiring Software is the answer for recruiters who hire employees consistently. They can reap good value because the software has many automated procedures. The manual tasks are limited, and recruitment teams can focus on finding the right match for the job. Software like Zoho has made Recruitment more efficient. AI-based systems help evaluate candidates. Behavioral assessment results are also available for more clarity about the candidates’ potential. Also, the job description is communicated, so the results of pre-screening are accurate. Moreover, onboarding is managed virtually, complete with the digital signing of offer letters and acceptance of documents.

3. Talent Acquisition Software and Hiring Platforms gain more popularity –

The use of cloud technology is helpful to a great extent. Also, progressive technologies are an essential part of many activities when it comes to elaborate HR-related processes. Teams use technology solutions within the organization to coordinate effectively. They share information in a transparent and explanatory manner. Information relevant to hiring and posting a job profile is available readily for the Recruitment teams. The high transparency levels are bringing new effective changes within the department.

Moreover, the use of Talent Acquisition Software facilitates an intelligent hiring process. Software is available for small to large businesses, along with many customizable options. They not only reduce the challenges during Recruitment but also increase the productivity of hiring teams. By reducing the time spent sorting and reviewing the list of candidates, the hiring and onboarding processes are completed rapidly. SmartRecruiters and Yello are popular Talent Acquisition Software in the market.

4. Video conferencing becomes an essential tool during Recruitment –

Video conferencing is an integral part of the modern workplace. It enables active discussion with clients, vendors, or other stakeholders. Now, video conferencing is a primary remote interviewing tool. Hiring beyond zip codes is practical because of this tool. It offers a high degree of flexibility, especially when we talk about remote working. Various members of the recruitment team are not always available at the same place. It becomes tough to schedule personal or group interviews, and there is minimal time to conclude the process. Video conferencing allows all the relevant recruitment team members are consulted, leading to an apt selection. Thus, teams mitigate most of the collaboration challenges.

We have become familiar with telephonic interviews. Over the telephone, recruitment might not be able to judge the confidence level of candidates, and there is less surety about the person attending the call. Video conferencing removes all confusion and delivers the perfect environment to understand the candidate perfectly. Recruiters can comprehend important information, including the candidate’s confidence level during communication and their overall interest in the job. Recruiters can also enable automated scheduling when using online hiring platforms.

 5. New ways to engage potential employees through an online recruitment process –

Using an online recruitment process, recruiters can select from a larger pool of potential candidates. Recruiters can add more rounds to the interview process if they prefer depending on the complexity of the job functions. For instance, when hiring, recruiters can use online tests to identify the skill level of candidates. Tests could be more straightforward or complex. Hiring teams can assess the skill and proficiency levels accurately using online tools or customized tests for management teams. At the same time, it is interesting for the candidates. The entire process can be very innovative and derive optimum results when the right minds are at work.

Social Media platforms are also playing an improved role in engaging potential candidates. Since a large portion of the population uses social media, it is only logical for Social Media Recruiting to become a widespread phenomenon. Many people find it comfortable to use LinkedIn for their job search. They have extensive information about companies in various sectors. Connections with current employees open up a world of possibilities. The website has accurate details about the employers from an employees’ perspective also. LinkedIn Recruiter offers different talent acquisition solutions. With the advanced suggestions and filters, recruiters have access to insights and quality candidates. Apart from LinkedIn, people have also started using Facebook to post jobs.

6. Increased Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion –

 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals have become an essential part of an organization’s core objective. DEI is very important for potential candidates. It makes them feel welcome. The level of employee motivation is high when companies follow their DEI goals. Bring changes in the company culture starts from the hiring process itself. Recruiters can focus on hiring candidates that are underrepresented in the organization.

The focus on DEI has the potential to uplift a company’s reputation. A positive company reputation can drive revenue figures. Internal and external stakeholders, including investors and clients, also evaluate a company based on its workplace diversity. The emphasis is not all on the financial metrics these days. A company cannot claim to be diverse without actually putting in positive efforts.

 In conclusion

Technology advancements have driven the latest Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Trends in 2022. HR technologies have become highly intuitive, apart from providing the optimum information visibility to relevant personnel. While some companies find these technologies disruptive, others have learned to monetize them. The companies that know how to use these solutions to their advantage will be highly competitive. Acknowledging the latest trends and applying them favorably within the organization is crucial for its overall success.

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