If you aren’t able to gather leads from your visitors before they leave your page, or you want to share the last piece of content with them before they bounce on another website to regain attention.

Then you are about to find out the solution to this problem.

One of the proven solutions to this problem is using Exit-intent pop-ups. Online marketing experts who manage email marketing campaigns use these pop-up tactics to build their email list. Also, paid search ad experts use these pop-ups to showcase special offers as bait to acquire leads. Exit-intent pop-ups help in decreasing the bounce-back numbers of visitors from a website.

Now, what are Exit-intent Pop-ups? 

Here is a short brief on what Exit-Intent Pop-ups are. These are windows that show-up in the form of pop-ups before a website visitor decides to leave the website. Now the intention of these Exit-intent pop-ups can vary at different times as they can provide multiple benefits. The last hook that the site owners can get on the website visitors to regain the Visitor’s attention.

The most common doubt that marketers have.

Now there are some debates based on the usage of such pop-ups. Some online experts believe that pops ups affect the user interface of the website with visitors. That seems like one arguable point, but the fact is if your pop-ups have the correct context to the website’s content, then there is no issue in the user interface to be get affected.

Are we still questioning the use of Exit-intent Pop-ups?

Here is one fact to clear the doubt. On average, every website with an Exit-intent pop-up loses up to 10 to 15% of the chance to regain the website visitors’ interest in leaving the website for various reasons. It might seem like something new, but the interesting fact is these types of pop-ups have been in use for a long time.

Have a look at some strategies where Exit-intent Pop-ups prove to be a perfect fit:

1. If the landing page doesn’t deliver the right message to the customers for some reason, you can have your last say by using Exit-intent pop-ups.

2. Exit-intent pop-ups help showcase offering a special deal to save their cart items and decrease the website’s bounce rate.

3. Companies often change their prices and deals on products, and they want their visitors to see every bit of their deal for better conversion. Exit-intent pop-ups are indeed one solution to this problem.

4. Publishers to increase the traffic on their upcoming newsletters use Exit-intent pop-ups to sign-up visitors. So they receive notification for the next newsletter.

Surprisingly enough, some website owners miss-out on implementing this small yet powerful pop-up strategy to their advantage. Online experts use such strategy to re-focus the Visitor’s attention or create urgency in the minds.

Here are the key factors of a powerful Exit-intent Pop-up (aka the 4 C’s):

1. Correct Context:

The chain of thought behind the pop-up’s content should be perfectly in sync with the context of the website on which it appears. It will make no amount of sense if these two things are not in sync with each other.

2. Captivating Copy:

The copy that appears on the pop-up should be compelling enough to leave the visitors no choice rather than to give in to our desired actions. The most important part is keeping the content concise and to the point.

3. Catchy-Designs:

The pop-ups have to be eye-pleasing for the visitors. Designing the pop-up may also include creating CTA in such a manner that it appeals to the visitors to click on it. In these cases, making use of designs and colors will work in your favor.

4. Compelling CTA:

It all comes down to the last and vital key factor, which is the CTA. If you don’t have a CTA to lead your visitors to your desired location, then it’s of no use taking up all those efforts, as mentioned above. Creating a compelling CTA will persuade the visitors to click on it.

Now that we know how Exit-intent pop-ups can be made effective and powerful. Let’s see how online marketing experts use these pop-ups to achieve desired goals. We will now look at the most popular intentions of using these pop-ups.

Here are the most popular intentions of using Exit-Intent Pop-ups:

1. Building an Email Marketing List:

Email Marketing is a crucial strategy. It offers good retargeting with better conversion than other ads. Email marketing also helps to nurture the relationship between customers and companies.

Exit-intent pop-ups have helped build the customers’ mail list, an integral part of the Email Marketing Campaigns. Visitors often share emails to get updates on the newsletters of the organizations.

An email list is a fuel on which email marketing campaigns run, and these pop-ups are one of the best ways of building an email list from leads that were lost already.

2. Handling Objections the right way:   

The visitors often leave the website due to objections that were not handled

by the website’s content. The Exit-Intent Pop-ups come in aid to such problems by handling these objections.

For example, the most common objection in online shopping is the shipping charges and dates. The pop-up can simply state if there is any free shipping for the products.

Solving the last bit of doubt and handling these kinds of objections helps the customer look at the product/service to solve their problems or satisfy their needs.

Marketing is also about clearing the doubts and objections in customers’ minds as they are an obstacle in achieving the sales target.

3. The subtlety of Acquiring Leads:

We know that a customer’s email id is a lead now; if these leads are warm enough, they bring good results in the retargeting campaigns only to increase sales and nurture the relationship with the customers.

Just when a visitor is about to leave a website or sales page, Exit-intent pop-ups subtly help acquire leads from visitors by sharing deals they wouldn’t want to miss as bait.

Some marketers cannot acquire leads with subtlety as they miss out on the opportunity to use these pop-ups.

4. Special Offer Promotion:

Now, who wants their customers to leave the website without getting to see the special offers. Exit-Intent Pop-ups are best to grab the attention of the visitors through the Special Offer Exit Pop-ups.

A simple example of this would be a Pop-up like “Don’t miss out on the 20% Discount on the Christmas Merchandise.”

Such last-minute pop-ups help companies get the last hook to grab the sale. Customers are always looking for a bargain, and to some extent, such last-minute special offers do seem like one good negotiation to close the deal.

These were some of the most popular intentions of using Exit-intent pop-ups. Exit-intent pop-ups accomplish all goals and intentions if used with effectiveness.

So now you have all the grounds to make use of the power of Exit-intent pop-up in your SEO game plans after it is the best way to regain your Visitor’s attention back on track.

Rajvansh Adagale is a well versed content writer with over more than 2 years of experience in most forms of writing. He is experimental in his writing style and research for content. Also a huge believer of Seth Godin's idea of "write as you speak". Rajvansh believes in establishing a conversation with the minds of the reader to build a connection.

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