Video is one of the most common marketing techniques, which has lasted for many years since television was invented. With the changing trends and the emergence of technology, video marketing is getting popular among Gen-Z. In this article, we will focus on Emerging Video Marketing trends in 2021. The rise in technology, AI, business analytic and CS, and addressing the dynamic need of buyers creates demand for futuristic marketing plans.

Video marketing is here to stay, and its impact will increase in 2021 with more organizations looking for video content for advertising. According to a report, customers have to go through various touchpoints during the purchase process, and almost 75% of buyers are looking for instant interactions around all departments of a company.

Video Trends in 2021

The concept of live video is common where user-generated videos are posted on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Marketers can use it for advertising their products or services through video marketing.

According to reports, it is observed that marketers and brands which have invested in video marketing have gained more return on investment as high as 62.8%. The reports of Octane Research and DMAasia suggested that more consumers are interested in video as the most impactful content marketing platform.

Let’s take a look at the overwhelming video marketing trends dominating the market:

1. Educating the consumers

The customers are the base of any business and marketing the products rightly will help to attract a substantial number of customers. Consumers are interested in watching video advertisements. Also, explaining videos are useful for educating consumers about the usage of products. Short-Form Videos are more effective than long-form videos as the world is fast-paced, and people do not have enough time. The explainer’s videos make a personal connection with the customers and help in building a trustworthy relationship with their favorite brands.

2. Action-oriented services

Video is the most acceptable format, and the year 2020 has seen many innovations in video marketing. People are interested in action-oriented videos where things are shown in an elaborate manner consuming less time. The customers are usually reluctant to buy products without physically testing them. Whenever the marketers provide a video, they create a larger audience, and a more trustworthy relationship builds with the customers.

3. Easiest mode of communication

The pandemic situation has seen video platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Hangouts to communicate personally and professionally. These are also getting popular, as people are using these platforms to keep in touch with their friends and family. This trend will continue, and various business collaborations and decision making will continue to use these video making websites. The video conferencing capabilities will enhance the use of these platforms.

4. Short-Form Videos

Short, to the point, and entertaining videos can educate the audience about the products and services in the most creative manner. Organizations must make Short-Form Videos more apt in this fast-paced world of media and the internet. People are more interested in entertaining forms of services, and video marketing is the most effective form.

Whenever an organization uses video content to explain a product’s functionalities, its reliability increases among its consumer market. It has been proved that video marketing influences their buying decision regarding a particular product. Covid-19 has increased the use of online services, and people are becoming more inclined to use short-form videos in mobiles and web services, and this video marketing trend is thus currently the most influential business choice.

5. Live stream boom on mobiles

It is easier for marketers to generate interest regarding their products for mobile users. For example, companies like Myntra and Flipkart provide live videos related to their product description, usage, and reviews. 54% of consumers have reported more interest in videos from their favorite brands.

6. Video marketing enrich the content of marketing 

Video marketing has reached various dimensions. Using animation as a form of media is cost-effective and can simplify complex topics. Animation, as a form of marketing, is an effective business strategy. Animated video is engaging, easy to understand, and it can capture more consumers. Using animation can be an efficient emerging video marketing trends.

The 3-D visualization experts know about the making of engaging video content. By outsourcing the task, it will not be necessary to associate any in-house professional. The content can easily be used to advertise, entertain, educate and catch customer’s eyes. The complicated product features can be easily shown using video. Any demonstration regarding product usage through a small video is advantageous and works well for electronic gadgets or electrical home appliances.

7. Precise content

Social media platforms like TikTok have grown in popularity with their video content creation features. Also, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are taking an interesting stance to promote video ads and allows User-Generated Video Content to post on their accounts.

People in this tech-era prefer the virtual world more than the real world, and going live is the most common phenomenon. Google supports a live streaming feature through YouTube, where people can record live videos. Using live videos on websites can exponentially increase the number of people watching your video, which will boost the organizations’ marketing extent. Longer video formats are essential, and in certain situations, they are necessary for addressing the issue thoroughly, but the web platforms require swiftness as people scroll down quickly. If the video is too lengthy, the user’s attention may move to something more interesting. For social media video content, making Short-Form Videos are thus being beneficial where less time is spent on the introduction and unnecessary exaggeration.

8. Increase accessibility

Most of the time, it is observed that Facebook videos are kept silent. Making short and silent videos are more useful for the audience. The option for sound can be provided with subtitles to increase the extent to which it can reach the customers. Accessibility is the most critical criterion where people can choose to access the video in their format. Options like alternate textual representation and subtitles can be provided, which will increase the effectiveness of video marketing. Providing captions for long-form videos and making them engaging is necessary to attract the audiences.


Video marketing will continue to rise in 2021, and the marketer needs to be ready to accept the changing trends and innovate accordingly. With the year 2020, people have become more interested in influencer marketing, where DIY videos, videos on health-related tips, and business ideas are more appreciated. Video Usage in 2021 is likely to increase, and coming with innovative video content attracts consumers to a more considerable extent. So, it is evident that organizations should move towards the effective implementation of videos in promotional content to engage and attract a much higher customer base. It also plays a crucial role in enhancing the brand image by making the videos accessible throughout social media or websites.

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