In today’s tech-driven world, every business, irrespective of its size, lays great emphasis, thought and focus on faster returns that would result in higher profit margins, which will be in consistence with its long term growth with better customer retention rates.

The essentials to keep in mind is to create seamless customer experiences with improved preparedness to deal with competition. An increase in employee productivity with enhanced decision making based on technical analysis of consumer behavior would not only optimize but also improve lead generation and conversions.

There are many corporate and enterprise support solutions available in the market that would assist in the simplification of the entire process. They add value to the business by optimizing e-commerce solutions, staffing requirements and data-related functions. Incorporating these improve business performance and standards effectively, limiting the number of challenges faced.

 A look at some of the Top 12 Business Support Solutions for added value and functionality:

Business Support solution

 1. Web Design and performance tuning for better conversion rates: 

Management, designers and development teams understand the importance of having a basic website for the business to provide information about products and services. They take care of the initial research, wording and visual specifics, elaborate designing tasks and formal launch. Yet, how many understand the importance of subsequent maintenance and regular updates?

A dedicated team is required to analyze the efficiency of the website, conversion rates and traffic. Website elements, such as product and service details, policies, FAQs, live customer support, etc. should be operational. Apart from creating optimum speed for browsing and landing pages to avoid problems during peak-seasons, teams should give priority to updating information, such as text, pictures and videos on a regular basis.

Seasonal sales and promotions can be highlighted using a fresh look, changing color template whenever required and being innovative with the design altogether. This keeps the customers interested and increases the possibilities of repeat business. Along with the above solutions, SEO will improve visibility during the search, increase traffic and sales leads to target pages.

2. Chat support for prompt resolutions:

Take advantage of real-time interaction with customers in the form of good chat support. This truly enhances the customer experience, since it is highly user-oriented and customers can multi-task. Some of the chat functions and responses can be automated as well, to avoid waiting time and provide faster resolutions.

Self-service tools and Chatbots have increased in usage due to their practicality. Businesses with chat support have a better chance of retaining customers than those depending on calls and email support. Chats are less time-consuming and the ease of access is also appealing to customers. The best service providers in the chat support market are Zendesk and Livechat. 

 3.Customer support to increase value and credibility:

The primary requisite of any business is providing exceptional service to clients, making them feel cherished. Apart from marketing and promotional efforts to attract new clients, equal work should be put in to retaining existing ones. Firms are better equipped to understand requirements and fulfill those accordingly, using advanced cutting-edge technologies available.

This business support solution helps in analyzing shopping and browsing patterns for personalized service and suggestions, capturing customer attention. If someone reaches out to complain, it is essential that they are treated respectfully. Provide an immediate, albeit temporary solution, if possible; this shows them you are competent and trustworthy. 

 4.Data and System Security for credibility:

Use of mobile devices for shopping, banking, social media and storage of information have increased tremendously. Simultaneously, instances of cyber attacks, data phishing and data theft have also gone up, increasing the importance of adhering to data and system security protocols. Incidence response tools and software for threat prevention are useful.

IT teams should take cyber threats seriously, no matter the size of business or number of clients. Multiple layers of data protection with firewalls, encryption and web monitoring will ensure preferred handling of company and client data; also other sensitive and vital information will remain secured. 

 5.Software programming for capability assurance:

Having a programming team internally has its benefits. Functions such as designing, development, database management, testing and technical support are handled in a systematic manner. Number of teams and members vary based on organization size, website, applications and processes aligned with data. 

Proper expertise is required to handle different functions of software programming and keeping track of website capabilities. It provides a much-required boost to other business functions as well, bringing structure to a workflow. 

 6.IT support services for comprehensive process management:

 IT support is the key element for businesses using digital solutions, because it is involved in everyday activities as well as strategizing with long term goals in mind. Creation of backup and storage, risk assessment, server efficiency, hardware and IT infrastructure management; these are functions that add value to the organization. 

 With the use of IT support, problem-solving can be handled efficiently round the clock. Real-time solutions are enabled, which is important and in most cases, mandatory to avoid financial losses. A significant reduction in down-time is achieved, transforming the organization into a well-oiled machine.

 7.Training to enhance productivity:

From time to time, it is important that you assess training needs for all departments in the organization. This is not to undermine employee effort or confidence, but to ensure they are adept at using new or existing technologies and are comfortable with operating conditions. Note any concerns or useful insights, which can be directed to improve processes.

There are many ways in which training programs can be conducted these days, using technology for added advantage. Traditional methods can be made interesting by adding interactive activities and simulations, depending on the nature and objective of training. The flexibility of e-learning tools is also apt for busy professionals. 

 8.Quality Assurances to keep up standards:

 The main focus of QA is to ensure the delivery of products or services in line with client expectations. A Quality Analyst is expected to scrutinize project criteria and quality to meet explicit instructions without exception. This involves a macro as well as micro-level verification from multiple perspectives with focus on accomplishing the task within the allotted timeline.

Make sure you communicate all relevant information with QA teams, adequately preparing to take on their responsibility. It is a step-by-step process, so provide enough time for them to make assessments, determine problem areas and come up with useful solutions. 

 9.Data Processing to improve clarity:

Data processing is an ideal tool to draw out specific data from a source and present it in a usable format. Data-driven decision making has become the go-to solution for maximizing output and revenue, emphasizing the importance of data interpretation, manipulation and visualization.

Data processing services consist of data-entry, document processing, data conversion, formatting, and Indexing. Popular solutions include aggregate dashboards and storytelling dashboards for meetings and conferences. Graphic depictions provide perception at a glance and with the numerous customization tools available, it suits any business or purpose.

 10.Cloud-based services as optimum storage solutions:

Cloud-based services are highly-secure and flexible. For businesses that experience fluctuations or problems maintaining data internally, it is a single-stop solution that takes care of data storage complexities. 

Apart from benefits such as auto-updates, security and data recovery, data can be accessed without delay from multiple locations. It is the perfect solution for authorized personnel to access the information on-the-go. AWS and Microsoft Azure are well-known cloud-based services in the market.

11. Self-service portal for employee satisfaction:

Take advantage of technology to automate employee-related functions as well by making use of ESS portals, which are used to provide relevant information and keep the workforce focused on their responsibilities. Employees can access their records without hassle. Raising a complaint, applying for leaves or updating information is easier.

Having ESS portals also benefits management in many ways. It reduces the burden on the HR department and limits manual data-entry tasks; policy information, safety and security measures and payroll. Documentation can be maintained in a transparent manner. Make certain that upcoming events and other company information is posted regularly so that the employees feel involved. 

12.Collaboration between Departments:

Smart communication solutions are a must for businesses today. The importance of departments and teams being well-connected cannot be stressed enough, so go through the options in the market and select the service that best suits your business and requirements. 

Apart from sharing of information, another benefit to which you can look forward is conducting meetings and conferences seamlessly. Some prominent service providers are Unified Meeting 5 and ezTalks Cloud Meeting.

In conclusion : Companies in many sectors are re-thinking their core business objectives and strategies to accelerate growth and create opportunities through non-organic measures as well. The number of opportunities that can be availed by incorporating the above business support solutions is increasing day-by-day. Data-driven research, decision-making and marketing improve business scope and provide direction to achieve goals successfully.

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