The increasing demand for electricity and the continuous threat of global warming due to continuous greenhouse gas emission have created a very crucial situation. It has forced to look for other environment-friendly energy support. Wind power energy is taking the front row as one of the world’s rapidly growing renewable energy sources. It has technologically evolved through ages, and this is the reason we can call it the future of a substantial energy source. It possesses the potential to dominate the market of renewable energy sources.

Technological upsurge has proved to be a prominent support to improve and escalate the deployment of wind power generation skills. It is predicted that by 2025, Taiwan will install the 5.5GW offshore wind energy and is on the way to become the second-largest overseas market in Asia.

Wind power generation can become the epitome of renewable energy usage

Wind Power

Utilization of wind resources for electric power production will allow amplification of energy security, maintain the energy cost, and improve the environment structure. The primary goal is to compete with nature-friendly energy resources to sustain energy demands. It is proficient enough to satisfy the world’s energy requirements by utilizing environment-friendly fuels.

Ryan Wiser, a senior scientist at the Berkeley Lab, says that Wind energy costs have slowed down in recent years, enabling the considerable growth in deployment.”

Let us discuss the facts why we should encourage wind energy as the alternative source of energy.

1. Reliable Integration Process makes it sustainable 

Wind energy integration focusses on energy storage, distributed generation, transmission systems, and activated technologies. The goal of the wind energy integration process is to reduce carbon emissions and other air pollutants. A wind power integration study found that approximately 25% of wind energy can be integrated into the energy portfolio with the least difficulty. The integration process incorporates factors such as choosing the right geographical  location and cost, which are linked to the penetration of wind power.

2. Cost-effective, what else one needs!

Apart from saving our earth, one should focus on reducing electricity bills by moving towards alternative energy sources. The cost-effectiveness of wind energy also depends on utility rates and how breezy an area is. The AWEA statistics showed that electricity prices have fallen by 0.37 in the last five years.

3. Has low running and maintenance cost

The modern wind turbines are viable and last for a long time. The running and maintenance costs account for a considerable share of total wind turbine costs. Manufacturers are designing new turbines that require very little maintenance and minimal downtime. Though the wind energy industry is slowly emerging, very few turbines have extended their life expectancy upto 15-20 years. The operating and maintenance cost depend on the components such as sincere maintenance, repair, insurance, and administration.

4. Wind power for home 

Wind power has a growth rate of 10-40% every year. The European Wind Energy Association is estimating that off-shore installed wind turbines capacity will rise to 40GW in 2020. New wind Energy plants are set up to meet energy requirements around the world. Airborne Wind Energy Systems are the prominent wind harnessing technology that eliminates the need for conventional wind turbines. This technology is introducing new ways for power generation on both on-shore and off-shore sites.

Interestingly the capacity of wind is adjustable, at times a simple turbine of 7-10 feet can work for household electricity demand and for small business. While it is also possible to create a windmill as tall as a 20-story building and have three 200-feet (60-meter) long blades. Industry experts predict that if this pace of growth continues, by2050 one third of the world’s electricity needs will be fulfilled by wind power

Yes, the World without fossils is possible! 

Due to the decline in the prices of renewable energy, the replacement of fossil fuels has accelerated.  Fossil fuels are responsible for carbon emissions, air pollution, ocean pollution, and environment destruction. The transport sector is also experiencing a decreased consumption of fossil fuels. The use of electric motors is more reliable than fuels that use Internal Combustion Engine.

Energy security is of utmost importance

Wind energy emits no greenhouse gases while generating electricity. It replaces the power of fossil fuel energy plants. The US DOE is working to reduce the cost, enhance the performance, and escalate the deployment of advanced wind energy technologies. The substantial use of ample wind resources for electricity generation will strengthen energy security, balance energy costs, and boost our habitat.

The rising scope of employment means fewer worries

The wind energy industry is progressing due to the feasibility of wind turbines. As a result, career opportunities in wind power mills cannot be out-sourced. If you do a great job, you can stay in a career for long. The American wind energy sector is a leading job creator. The Indian renewable energy sector is also leading in this field. According to a survey, it is going to create 2.4 million job opportunities by 2020.

Fulfilling the economic benefits

The large-scale organizations are turning to wind power. Companies are also finding suitable locations to establish their data centers where renewable wind energy is readily available.  Rural America is experiencing unparalleled economic development. The revenue from wind power mill projects is a stable income for farmers. It allows commercial areas to improve their facilities with distinct services such as the elimination of taxes to gather funds for fixing roads, building government hospitals, and schools. Landowners also get a significant income when they host windmills on rent. The wind turbine projects usually run for 20-25 years.

Powering Remote areas with new opportunities

Wind power projects are making an appearance in remote areas and demonstrating the immense economic advantages of this natural resource. The revenue percentage from the shares of windmill farm production is benefitting the residents.  The wind turbines are designed to diminish the cost and environmental impacts of electricity production in remote areas. Wind energy is about to create a range of opportunities by facilitating access to healthcare, education, irrigation, infrastructure, employment, and other socio-economic benefits.

How wind power mill impacts the market scenario ?

The wind energy is emerging as a commercialized electricity-generating technology. Advanced technology has opened the way for types of machinery and equipment, which has given rise to fast growth in the market. Wind projects are capital-driven and require considerable investment. There is a remarkable increase in global power generation, which was 22% in 2013 and raised to 26% by 2020, and as predicted it may generate 663,628MW, globally. The electricity generation from renewable sources will be significantly high than the combined electricity needs of India, Brazil, and China. With the advancement in technology and improvement in financial conditions, electricity generation costs have significantly declined. 


It is evident from the studies that wind energy has the solution to satisfy our energy requirements and could be our primary source of power in the future. It possesses a vast capacity and is simple to handle. Several projects are running for the production of energy to operate wind-powered car. This energy is stored and supplied to the vehicle, in case if the car’s battery runs low. Researchers have also introduced ways to generate wind-power at home. It can be a beneficial energy solution for residential areas. At the financial level, wind energy is environmentally as well as socially lucrative hence we should promote it to increase the effectiveness of wind energy financing schemes and business models.


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