Analytics opens up a large stream of insightful information that can help you track and measure the results of ongoing campaigns, refine your strategy, and improve the return on investment. Facebook has introduced new analytics features, including a tool to track customer journeys through multiple channels. Facebook Analytics allows you to gain a deeper understanding of people’s interactions with your business across all channels and devices. 

With the introduction of “Journeys” from Facebook Analytics, you can track omnichannel data and reporting that gives a holistic view of where and how people interact with your business before making a purchase or converting into a customer. People reach out to your business through different channels. Journeys go beyond the last click and sessions, which makes it easier to make strategic decisions. 

Journeys anonymously aggregate this information and allow you to understand the impact of different channels used by people and identify a customer’s behavioral patterns that lead to conversions. For instance, you can find that the people who are most likely to convert first browse your website on mobile before ultimately purchasing on desktop. You can then optimize your strategies using these insights and grow your business. 

How Do Journeys Work in Facebook Analytics?

Facebook Analytics report reviews two types of journeys that are converting and non-converting. A converting Journey ends when a person triggers a purchase conversion chosen by you. A non-converting Journey ends when a person stops being active on any of your properties for the specified period. As you can set parameters in Facebook Analytics, you can also set in Journeys such as Start Channel, End Channel, and Journey Duration. All the data in Facebook Analytics is aggregated securely. You won’t have access to any individual’s journey. With these insights, you can better understand customer interactions with your business. 

Insights You Can Get from Journeys:

1) You can get a more accurate understanding of people’s browsing patterns and transitions from one channel to another. For instance, you can track transitions from your website to your app or your Facebook page to the website. 

2) You can analyze the channels from where most customers start in. 

3) It gives you detailed information about when and how people drop off from your page. Also, the channels they were using. 

4) You can access average session time or how frequently people interact with your business before making a purchase. With access to rich data, you can make smarter decisions. 

Facebook Analytics Mobile App giving You Valuable Insights Right Off

Using a mobile device is more convenient for many businesses. Facebook Analytics launched a mobile app, allowing you to review essential metrics on the go. This app makes it easy to track important metrics, create dashboards, and browse through automated insights for your business. You can download the mobile app for Facebook Analytics in the App Store or on Google Play.

How to Use Facebook Analytics App?

First things first, check the metrics of your concern in a personalized overview tab. Create dashboards with the reports you have saved on your desktop. After creating a dashboard, browse automated insights relevant to your business goals. You can also get notifications about anomalies in your data. 

Additional Features to Help You Make More Versed and Faster Decisions

1. Auto-detected Funnels

Auto-detected funnels make it easy for advertisers to build their funnels based on research on people’s various actions before making a purchase. Auto-detected funnels by leveraging machine learning algorithms identify the most frequent paths users take within an app or website and across multiple channels. You will get to know friction in your marketing campaigns and product experience, and optimize faster conversions. 

2. Insights Based on Custom Parameters

It automatically gives you insights tailored to your business based on custom parameters added to your events in Facebook Analytics. These insights include product or item categories associated with higher retention or usage frequency. It also includes your best-selling products or a specific audience interested in your products—also, the promo codes or payment methods correlated with higher average transaction sizes. 

3. Funnel Conversion Insights

Funnels hold the most importance in your business as it allows you to track how people progress through Facebook pages, products, websites, and apps. You can create funnels tailored to your business in Facebook Analytics, and it will notify you insights around which segments have a higher probability to convert. Facebook analytics analyze people’s progress and find relevant optimization opportunities in your funnels with funnel conversion insights. 

What to Track Using Facebook Analytics?

You can get answers to some critical business questions using Facebook page Insights. Some of them are listed below.

1) You can track your post engagement and reach. Using Facebook Analytics, you can get to know the number of people who saw your post, persons who interacted with it, the post that people didn’t like, and hide it or reported it as spam. 

2) These valuable insights will help you know the people who clicked your call-to-action (CTA) button or took any action on your page. You can also track the number of people who clicked through to your website. 

3) You can discover the sources through which people find your page and people’s demographics who visit your page. You can also get a broader view of this information with Audience Insights. 

4) You can track the part of your page people are spending more time at. Also, how many people are viewing and interacting with your page. You can also measure the performance of your posts. 

You will get access to data going back a maximum of two years, which allows you to track your progress with a good set of long-term information. You can also track any standout content that continues to spark engagement over the long term.


With these new analytics features by Facebook, you will get a broad view of how and where people communicate with your business across your app, website, Facebook Page, and more. Optimize it and grow your business. If you already use Facebook Analytics, you’ll see the Journeys report link in the vertical menu on the left side of your dashboard. If you don’t use Facebook Analytics and have Facebook Pixel and App Events installed, you can access it. Or, if you are new to Facebook Analytics, you can start right off

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