Email marketing is said to be a significant strategy in Digital Marketing.

Email marketing campaigns have an ability that other channels don’t, they create a sense of personal touch while sharing value with the readers.

So, the big question here is that, has Email Marketing evolved like other Digital Marketing strategies?

The answer is yes! Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Email Marketing has witnessed better results and conversions. According to Campaign Monitor the CTR for mail marketing hovers around 2.6% this result is possible due to AI’s assist, and it also pushes the average of 18% mail opening rate.

Talking about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Email Marketing, how can we forget about the increase in revenue and decrease in ad cost. Email Marketing campaigns are optimized better than before based on the timing and target audience.

Here is an example of how AI brings more conversions by responding to customer’s online behavior:

Suppose a customer opts out from a shopping cart page. In that case, Artificial Intelligence put these customers in the retargeting mail campaigns to suggest them similar items related to their needs or even helps them re-consider the previous ones. In both cases, AI also includes strong CTA’s in the mail to ensure that the customer purchases the items.

This example perfectly demonstrates how AI focuses on timing the mails and putting in Content to the scenarios’ context. Optimization of timing was not possible until AI was brought into use for mail marketing campaigns.

Let Us Look at How AI Is Boosting Email Marketing:

1. No guesswork for Content:

It is a challenging task for copywriters to figure out what Content would be persuasive enough to get the people to take some sort of action on the mails. Artificial Intelligence has eased this task by suggesting Content for subject, body, and CTA based on the target audience’s online behavior.

The subject of emails suggested by AI boots the mail opening rate beyond the average of 21%. The body of the emails after AI’s assist has become more concise and compelling. Also, CTA suggested by AI has better CTR. Assistance in Content by AI proves that it has a better research base for producing persuasive Content, which is the sole need of email marketing campaigns.

2. More Precise targeting:

Creating a target audience list that is warm enough for better conversions is the necessity of mail marketing campaigns. Considering how important this task is, digital marketers hugely rely on AI. Through machine learning applications, AI figures out audiences who have the ideal online behavior resonating with their ideal buyers.

AI segments the mail-list based on different standards like demographics, purchase history, position in the sales funnel. Such bifurcation in targeting brings more precision than digital marketers can expect.

3. Apply A/B Testing:

A/B testing, also known as “split testing,” is an integral process of effective marketing. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning application have helped digital marketers execute testing like never before. Understanding the performance of mail campaign’s different variants is the main objective of split testing, and AI gives a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t work.

4. Data Analytics Advantages:

They say, “That which is measured improves.” Such is the case of Artificial Intelligence providing better analytics over the mail marketing campaigns. Data mining and data science services by AI make it easy for Digital Marketers to get analytics of all the mail marketing campaigns.

Also, some machine learning applications help digital marketers to get valuable insights into the campaigns. These insights are useful to optimize the campaigns and tackle the weak elements of the mail marketing strategy.

5. Personalizing emails like never before:

Personalization is not just about sending a mail with the first and last name of the person. It’s also about providing Content that resonates with the people. Artificial Intelligence makes emails look like they were written personally to the people. Such personalization makes a huge impact and engages people to read them through the entire mail. The most persuasive forms of mails are the one which can build a personal connection with the readers, and accomplishes this task perfectly.

Subscribers will rollover their eyes most often if the mails are plain and simple in terms of Content. AI helps emails engage a conversation with the minds of the people, which are hard to resist. These customized emails are undoubtedly tailor-made for higher conversions.

6. Optimizing Mail Timing:

Timing is everything. To land the right mail at the right time in people’s inbox so that the opening chances are higher is one of the difficult things to figure out. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning apps have figured out precise timing for sending the mails by analyzing the audience’s online behavior. Like the example stated at the start of this article, AI aids mail marketing campaigns to become more responsive rather than reactive and off-timely.

According to Campaign Monitor, sending the emails through AI’s automated timing, the mails achieved opening rate more than 18%.  These changes promise results and conversions far beyond the expectations of the digital marketers.

7. Email List Clean-Up:

Digital Marketers face the common problem of sending emails to audiences no longer interested in the product/services. Excessive subscribers with zero intent of buying lead to an increase in marketing costs and more ad spent. Artificial Intelligence cleans-up the mail ids from the audience list of people who would be least interested in reading the emails to solve this issue.

This task performed by AI saves both time and budget. Digital Marketers now have an audience to target, which is more likely to read and act on the mails sent. This email list clean-up task is a must for every mail marketing campaign.

There are more benefits than we can imagine of how AI brings more effectiveness to our marketing strategies. This piece of Content is for all those digital marketers who are hesitant towards automated mail campaigns by AI. The final takeaway is that if you can reap the benefits by minimum efforts and more automation, then why to struggle.

Rajvansh Adagale is a well versed content writer with over more than 2 years of experience in most forms of writing. He is experimental in his writing style and research for content. Also a huge believer of Seth Godin's idea of "write as you speak". Rajvansh believes in establishing a conversation with the minds of the reader to build a connection.

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