Since the start of the pandemic, the gaming industry is booming, providing billions of people the source of relaxation and entertainment. The continued lockdowns and social distancing norms have already disrupted people’s lives and mental health. To deal with this dilemma, people are getting more engrossed in fun activities like video games. At the moment, video games represent a $130+ billion market with no signs of slowing down. And it is more likely to develop as competing forms of entertainment during the COVID-19.

These days, marketing your product through gamers or influencers is a great way to reach a diverse audience. Gaming content performs well on social media as it contains all of the key ingredients to go viral. Social media explodes every time. Twitter holds its trending category devoted to gaming. Twitter discovered that in the first half of 2020, audiences sent 1 billion tweets about gaming. Building a gaming audience through social media takes extra effort. If you are coming up with a new project, below are the strategies to dominate your social media game.

Strategies to Level Up Social Media Marketing through Video Gaming

It’s no secret that social media can transform a video game into a viral sensation. We all are experiencing our social media feed bombarded with news about video games. In short, gamers are digital natives who are frequently online. According to a 2019 GlobalWebIndex report on Twitter usage, 55% of gamers daily check-in on the platform, and found that 68% mainly do so to keep up with gaming news and trends. Considering these stats, let’s dive into ways to level up social media marketing through video gaming.

1) Focus on Hyping Up Live Streamings, Announcements, and Competitions

Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform, scored millions of average viewers per day, which is a testament to the popularity of live streaming. Gamers continuously search for new content in real-time to get recognized and make people talk about it. Thus, social media for gamers focuses on creating a sense of hype. For instance, Bethesda triggers their upcoming digital #QuakeCon, incorporating various panels and live streaming content.

To reel in viewers, esports leagues regularly post content about ongoing competitions and rankings. According to the “Flocks: Uncovering Communities on Twitter,” a 2019 report, 90% of esports fans use Twitter to follow the latest updates.  For example, look at the post from Rocket League, highlighting current standings and joining their posts with streams for fans to check out.

In short, gaming has evolved a lot from a passive activity to a branch of live entertainment. It is becoming a standard for teams of all shapes and sizes to put on virtual events for fans. Likewise, announcements and breaking news are the driving force for gamers. Precisely, gamers are always looking out for new content to watch, react, or comment on.

2) Collaborate with Streamers and Influencers

Just like influencer marketing, partnering with influencers and streamers is a great way to show off your gaming skills to a vast number of people and probably get trending as their audience looks for more. It not only introduces your brand to a new audience but also gives a face to your marketing efforts. Every online gaming personality is different and has a diverse audience. Make sure to consider this while deciding to partner with influencers and streamers. Partnering with gaming personalities is likely to be an added benefit as you get a good fit for your company without any hard efforts.

3) Let Your Users Create Content for You

People usually post on social media about the content they like the most. Make sure to build a strategy to encourage and capture this user-generated content. People trust on recommendations and opinions of others, which makes it the best form of advertising. If people see posts about their favorite gamers playing your game, they are more likely to try it. For example, the Twitter account Celeste regularly shares user-generated content like fanart. In short, this lets your community know that you are listening to them and enable them to be your biggest promoters.

4) Try to Make Conversation with Your Fans through Social Media

In today’s environment, when the industry can be attacked by setbacks, plagued by server downtime, or racked with technical issues, it can be challenging to keep the promises you make to your customers. The best strategy when dealing with such problems is to open up and talk to people. And the best platform to make conversation with your fans is social media.

CD Projekt Red is the best example that has gained a large loyal fanbase over the years. To solidify its reputation as one of the best video game companies, the company has consistently released quality games that don’t hide behind paid DLCs or excessive multiplayer add-ons. When their latest project CyperPunk 2077 got delayed, this gained reputation helped them recover the loss.

Consider using this approach with your social media channels and keep your audience updated with the ongoing development. Asking for feedback gets you a loyal audience who feel invested in your product or service.

5) Recognize the Best Platform for Your Brand

If you have a relatively small team with limited resources for your video marketing strategies, you need to recognize the best social media platform to prioritize. Looking at the all above examples, Twitter is a top priority for gamers when it comes to social media. Twitter is prime for gamers to get day-to-day updates and breaking news. Likewise, Facebook is also ideal for gamers, being the most popular for long-term promotions, offers, and ads.

Additionally, Instagram for gamers focuses more on community updates and user-generated content such as fan art and cosplay photography. Also, if the platform shows billions of views on gaming-related hashtags, it is more likely to be a signal to get influencers and gaming studios on board.


Gamers have a vast fanbase on social media, making it worth considering them in your social audience strategy. Recognize what is happening in your niche and who can help you reach your target audience. Games are naturally social things that people usually like to share with their friends. The popularity of gaming content makes it worth considering the gamers in your marketing strategies.

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