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Covid-19! Lockdown! Pandemic! We all are experiencing our social media feed bombarded with these words. Everyone has adapted to the new normal of living, where staying connected with others is as usual as earlier, but the modes have somewhat changed. People worldwide are getting more time from their busy schedules, and they’re spending most of it on various social media platforms. The 40% increased usage rate of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram speaks everything about social media usage.

While people are spending more time on social media, businesses are clambering to pivot campaigns, customize content calendars, and discover creative ways to market their products and services. The ongoing lockdowns is a favorable time for marketers to plan and double-down on social media, building and expanding their customer relationships. So, how do you market your services or products during Covid-19 on social media? Even though people are spending more time on social media, it is tough for the businesses to engage the target audience. 

Let’s discover various ways to increase social media engagement in COVID-19.

How has the Importance of Social Media Increased during Covid-19?

Covid-19 era has experienced social media as the primary source of information surpassing print media and other platforms. During the ongoing lockdowns, people spend more time on social media and rely on it to stay up-to-date. Businesses worldwide are more concerned about the safety and dropping profits. To survive this pandemic, businesses need to maintain their social media engagement, connecting with more people, and building relationships. 

People look for brands that do more than selling. Businesses need to relate to the ongoing situations in their marketing campaigns to attract more visitors. If your brand lacks to render updated information about the pandemic, it seems misplaced in the customers’ watch list. In this challenging time, business owners should craft strategies to engage more efficiently with people, acknowledging the challenges in Covid-19 and providing ways to overcome them. 

Enhancing your online visibility is more crucial to attract and retain customers. Thus, ensure your content aligns well with your brand values and resonate with the audience. Businesses engaging well with their customers in the current situation will remain on top of their minds. Create an emotional connect with your social media audience. Interact with them, understand their issues, and encourage them with your solutions.

What is the Impact of Covid-19 On Social Media Engagement?

Earlier in 2020, social media buzz started when people came to know about the novel Coronavirus outbreak. Since then, posts related to COVID-19 are skyrocketing on social media. This pandemic has forced people to stay indoors, and eventually, lives have been shifted into the virtual realm. People are bounded to stay at home, where social media is the only savior.

Despite the challenges, people haven’t stopped interacting with brands. In fact, the need for social media got intensified more than ever. Furthermore, online sales have reached a peak due to people’s safety concerns. Covid-19 has impacted business operations worldwide. We all are adjusting to the new normal of the pandemic, and thus businesses need to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly for improved user engagement.

What are the Ground Rules Marketers Should Adhere to During the Crisis?

1. Understand and Acknowledge Your Audience

Understanding the audience is always crucial for marketers to get on the right track of marketing, but during the COVID-19 crisis, it is significant to understand them. Many brands have already been marketing their services, but is it still the same during the crisis? It’s more crucial to know your audience in the current situation.

Examine their state of mind during the pandemic and what they need or looking for. Let them know that you care for them and promoting for their well-being. Discovering various questions, suggestions, comments, or ideas that would help grab your social media audience’s attention will be even more valuable. Knowing your customer in their current situation will clear out the marketing path and set the social media marketing goals.

2. Maintain Your Social Presence

As the pandemic continues to unfold, many brands cannot market or sell their products or services. Here, social media comes for your rescue. Your social presence can keep the audience updated, but as communicating through your social platform is essential, maintaining social engagement is equally important for businesses. 

Instead of flooding your followers’ feed with posts, try to be creative, and focus on sharing the content that aligns with your brand values. Creating posts related to the ongoing crisis will help you get a better reach. These days, people are more concerned about safety, sanitizing their places, easy and safe traveling, modern yet comfy workspaces, etc. If you’re posting sensitive content concerning the global pandemic, your social presence will help to take control of your followers’ minds.

Your social media posts can attract people, but trying to interact with them is crucial. Creating interactive polls, publishing videos, or webinars that are both informative yet interactive will help you engage your social media audience.

3. Keep Your Content Calendar Updated

Create a visual workflow that helps content creators update their work daily, weekly, or monthly. As an established business, you need to be careful about what you post and when you post. The calendar will help you get organized and frees up working hours to dash off any posts about breaking news in your industry or plan future strategies. 

Instead of using the same message draft for all social media platforms, marketers can customize the content for different posts according to relevance and strategy. With a content calendar, you can look back and analyze the posts that performed well to modify future strategies. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 72% of B2B marketers attribute their content’s success to emerging a formal content strategy.

4. Measure Relevant Metrics

You might create several posts, publish insightful webinars or videos, post creative content, but it’s always crucial to track users being a vital part of any metric. There are several ways to track your users, such as DAU (Daily Active Users), WAU (Weekly Active Users), and MAU (Monthly Active Users), or you can also measure stickiness, defined as DAU/MAU. Knowing certain users who react to your service or platform can give you insights within inherent opportunity areas.

How are Big Brands Maintaining Social Media Engagement during Covid-19?

As social media has witnessed an intensified user rate since the start of Covid-19, many brands strive to engage customers through innovative marketing campaigns. People perceive brands as the source of trustworthy information and influence in the widespread economic and health uncertainties. Let’s dive into what big brands are doing to maintain their social media engagement during Covid-19.


People are most likely to prefer brands addressing ongoing issues. Domino’s acknowledged the current pandemic through their recent marketing campaigns. Domino’s revealed its marketing campaign named “Kitne Dino Se Domino’s Nahi khaya,” lighting the spark of safety and trust among customers worldwide. Under the “Order Karna Safe Hai” campaign, Domino’s featured two videos: one is a jingle, and the second is a voice-over. It highlighted the new normal situation and established the feeling of safety among customers by highlighting “Zero Contact Delivery.” 

Earlier in the pandemic, Domino’s published a video asking for viewers to apply for joining the team. The video featured franchise owners from different locations, highlighting the changes they’ve made to continue delivering in the pandemic. It used footage of a Zoom video call, which shows that we all are together in this global crisis. 


During the ongoing crisis, many brands are trying out new digital campaigns to engage social media audiences. Earlier in the Covid-19, Coco-Cola announced that they were Donating their social feed to partner community organizations. With this declaration, Coca-Cola allowed the partner community organizations to publish social posts from Coca-Cola social media platforms. The shared posts included a note from American Red Cross urging users to do their part and stay home; another one was from Food Banks Canada asking for donations, and also the one featuring the crucial work done by staff at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, among others. With this announcement, Coca-Cola gave organizations the opportunity to serve society on their platforms, promoting safety and trust. 


Nike is another renowned brand that is promoting digital campaigns addressing the global pandemic. When the activities of global athletes and humble joggers got disrupted, Nike promoted a digital campaign uniting everyone in the new normal of Covid-19. The campaign named “Play for the World,” created by Wieden + Kennedy, gives a message to play inside and do our bit for the world.

With its ‘play Inside’ message, Nike ensured to offer customers something to inspire them in doing so. For this, Nike set a ‘Living Room Cup,’ a digital workout series where athletes challenge people to take part in at home. With this series, the brand is trying to urge people to stay at home but, at the same time, inspiring to do a home workout, providing them a chance to compete with global athletes. with a chance to compete with global 


Honda isn’t any exception to all these big brands trying to engage people in Covid-19 and enhance their social media engagement during the crisis too. Earlier, Honda Moto France has published a series of print advertisements highlighting bikes’ images and stating ‘Riders, we know how you feel these days.’ Through these ads, they presented riders around the country and asked them to stay inside and be safe. Also, through its “The Power of Something Greater,” the multichannel effort, reflected the challenges of Covid-19 and demonstrated how people could overcome these challenges.


A market giant in sportswear, Adidas has also released campaigns to inspire people for a safe return to sports. With the brand movement #hometeam, they have mobilized its whole internal community to spur hope and optimism through its recent brand film “Ready for Sport.” Adidas employees released the film, unifying sports spirit to motivate the world during the safe return to stadiums or stores. “Ready for Sport” was released in response to the Covid-19 global relief endeavors to collect funds for the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund. 


Covid-19 has had the most detrimental influence on marketing. But despite these obstructions, businesses are finding new ways to market their products. No one is perfect in marketing, and this pandemic is unfolding with many uncertainties, where no one knows how to market. But it’s a new challenging opportunity for marketers, where they’ll get to know their customers in real-time, understand them, make them feel comfortable interacting, know their interests and requirements and deliver the products or services accordingly. Find out the trends and publish the content of your followers’ interest, which will undoubtedly improve social media engagement during Covid-19.

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