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Every business now and then complains about missing out on establishing themselves on famous video streaming platforms like YouTube. As the ones already established reap the benefits of maintaining a loyal customer base, best promotion for products/services, and most importantly, delivering the content that glorifies the company.
Well, it’s not the end of the road for all the businesses who yet aren’t on Youtube. There is yet another shot at it since IGTV has also gained similar status, and it has now become one of the best video streaming platforms.

An Overview of IGTV

The previous version of Instagram only allowed a video length of just one minute, which was less helpful for business promotions. Such one minute video could only work for a short introduction of a product or service, which did not prove much help in business.

With an intent to tackle this drawback, on 20th June 2018, Instagram introduced IGTV (Instagram TV). This feature of Instagram allowed its users to upload long-form of videos to its billions of users. This feature made it easier for companies to create videos showcasing their products and services with well-prepared content. Due to this feature, Instagram gained better usability, both for the users and the companies. IGTV is by far the best feature that business owners can use in their social media marketing campaigns.

Here is why you should use IGTV for boosting your business?

1. Instagram is flooding with users:

The 4th most-used social media app on a users’ phone is Instagram. Since it is just a mobile app, outranked by Facebook, Whatsapp, and Facebook messenger, which puts Instagram in the league of prime social media platforms for marketing.
Instagram provides a stronghold on the game of social media marketing, and IGTV is an ace of this game. Facebook recently revealed that Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users who consume more content from IGTV than any other video streaming platforms.

2. The average usage of 30 minutes daily:

Users spend an average time of 30 minutes daily on Instagram watching IG stories and IGTV. Maybe for some people, this number might seem less, but because 200 million users view at least one business profile, it changes everything.
70% of the 30 minutes usage by app users is by IGTV. This daily usage of 30 minutes by users is a window of opportunity for all businesses out there to help them build and nurture their bond with their customers.

3. Room for Creativity:

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, then a creative video on IGTV can speak at least a million words. Well, IGTV is a blank canvas of the digital age, and there is plenty of room for creative ideas.
Professionals have no reason to hold back on their ideas, and they can experiment and express according to what they think would be best for the end-user. Long-form videos give the breathing space to the creators to fill in an ample amount of content that showcases the products and services in the best possible manner.

4. Best way to showcase products and services:

A good introduction for any product or service is a must for its marketing strategy. A regular series of promotions and branding is also essential for its success in the market. IGTV is the best way to introduce and promote your products.
Not only that, marketers can create videos that share all the features and benefits of using the products. These videos can be in the form of video series.
IGTV videos can also handle any sort of pre-existed objection about the product or service. These videos will help in building a strong and loyal customer base.

Well, to be true, there are more reasons than these on why you should use IGTV for your business.
We are now going to see how you can get the best out of IGTV for your business.

Here is how you can boost your IGTV strategy:

1. Content still reigns:

No matter which platform you use, your content delivered should not be out of context regarding your objective. More than that, content that provides real value in exchange for the time the visitors spend watching the video should be much more significant. You would always want to give your audience something to remember.
The message that you want to deliver hugely relies on how you develop your content.
Tips for developing quality content:
(i) Content should be goal centric.
(ii) Content should carry a message that stays in the minds of the users.
(iii) Relate with your audience by including well-researched pain-points and wants of users.

2. Designing the Videos:

Though you can come up with brilliant ideas for content, you will have no interested viewers if you fail at presenting them in a visually appealing way. Designing the videos have become a crucial part of the IGTV game plan. A well-designed video with proper edits and effects amplifies its visibility on IGTV.
Considering the demographics of your ideal viewers is also one of the critical elements. It will help you target your ideal audience with precision.
Instagram has such algorithms that favor well-designed videos that are visually appealing. Hence, making the videos interesting by designing is also one of the priorities. Various tools are available for making such edits and effects on the video.
Here are a few suggestions:
(i) IMovie.
(ii) Kinemaster.
(iii) InShot.
(iv) Quik.
(v) Adobe Spark Post.

3. Optimize video’s visibility by using relevant Hashtags and Descriptions:

These tactics always have worked-out best on major social media platforms for video content. It also does work in the case of the IGTV. A well-written description relevant to the video’s content gives a preview of the video, which creates interest in the viewers’ minds.
Hashtags amplify the reach of the post, no matter if it’s video or image.
Quick Tips:
(i) Create a description full of keywords relevant to the audience’s search.
(ii) A good research and implementation on hashtags that your ideal viewers follow will up your game.
(iii) You can also use links to have a strong CTA in your description.

4. Make videos in series and use IG stories:

Creating videos in series has its advantages. You will always have to leave your audience wanting more content in your upcoming videos than the previous ones.
This effect of wanting more is called the web-series effect—Major OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime use this effect, which causes binge-watching. You, too, can develop a similar impact in your videos if the content is well prepared and plotted adequately. (Quick tip, use storyboarding techniques.)

The exciting part of using IGTV is that you can also use IG stories and Insta-reels to give a bit of preview on your upcoming videos to create some excitement. This tactic will help you in establishing your products/services as a brand.

5. Stay Up-to-Trend:

Instagram is a place where you can spot a trend catching its pace. If you start to produce videos based on your niche’s current trends, you will be able to be on the top of your game.
A famous example of this tactic would be a post shared by Nike. This post supported the #blacklivematter and the idea behind it. By sharing such a post, Nike aligned itself with being a brand that is aware of its surroundings and is ready to take a stand if necessary.
You, too, can spot such trends relevant to your brand identity and use them in your IGTV strategy.

So, these were some tactics that helped develop the crucial parts of an IGTV strategy. If these areas are appropriately taken care of, then there is nothing that can stop you from getting that kick-start in your IGTV strategy for 2021.

Rajvansh Adagale is a well versed content writer with over more than 2 years of experience in most forms of writing. He is experimental in his writing style and research for content. Also a huge believer of Seth Godin's idea of "write as you speak". Rajvansh believes in establishing a conversation with the minds of the reader to build a connection.

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