The outbreak of coronavirus is engulfing the global business with the fear of a decline in economic activities. Some apprehensive companies have seized hiring until the economic impact of the virus neutralizes. But many other optimistic companies bid to remain undeterred and advocate that Applicant Tracking System as an assistant in recruitment combined with virtual processes is one of the solutions that could curb layoffs, synergize potential and regulate the economic slowdown.  

ATS development companies such as Manatal have extended support to overcome COVID-19 adverse effect by offering a seamless recruitment platform to operate from an office or any remote location. Thus, in such a disquieting situation Online applicant tracking system is proving its worth and vitality in terms of time and cost-saving besides fast result retrievals.

Instead of freezing, now companies have resolved to redeem and amplify recruitment processes for recognized positions with the help of automation and eventually restabilize the economic scenario. 

Estimation indicates that almost 60% of all companies and nearly 100% of the Fortune 500 companies have upgraded and are making extensive use of the Applicant Tracking System to confront this global crisis.

Glassdoor, a job search website, has notified that this drastic situation has triggered high demands of professionals in designated industries. It claims that their website has recorded a double amount of job postings with keywords related to coronavirus, particularly in government, healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceuticals. Similarly, such a massive requirement will emerge in the manufacturing, service, and management sectors. Consequently, the response to the job posting will be a voluminous receipt of resumes or referrals from the peer or social media platforms, and ATS offers the facility to process the bulk of resumes and help swift recruitments.

Applicant tracking systems(ATS)

Applicant tracking system or ATS chiefly streamlines hiring procedures by processing recruitment needs electronically. It is an automated process that accepts or rejects applications by negating emails, bulk downloads, and errors in sorting and selecting. With major social media platforms aligned to ATS, now people don’t read resumes they right away access the result-set.

Its technical proficiency is scanning a volume of resume and filter them as per the criteria subjective to a position. Job portals such as, and use ATS compliant resume building technology to upload a resume, which is then retrieved, read, and analyzed by ATS recruitment suites based on the predefined norm.

On the one hand, it discourages discrimination and unfair hiring practices whereas, on the other hand, it encourages good HR to practice of inclusion where every applicant gets an unbiased opportunity to showcase their skill and talent.

An Insight on ATS implementation

Research and studies indicate a subsequent rise in the number of companies who have realized the benefit of the Applicant tracking system in terms of the time and cost saved beside its domino effect. 

An applicant tracking system eases the recruiting department from the troubles of manually screening and selecting candidates. Also, HRs now have taken to the fact that all these time ‘wasted’ on the search through endless resumes can now channelize it for proper management of the company processes.

Now, which ATS should someone be using merely depends on the organizational structure of the company. With so many options available, it will be a dilemma to decide what will best suit one’s business. Sizeindustryemployee turnover, and country of the company are the prerequisites that define the ATS needed for a specific company.

The following is the list of ATS 

Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service 

Oracle Taleo is a cloud-based human resource management suite appropriate for large and midsize businesses in all industries. Key feature includes management of candidate portfolios, the employee onboarding experiences, screening of prospective candidates, and new hires. Employee referrals can be used to source talent, and this suite acquires massive data from social media sourcing tools leading to increased employee referrals from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service Clientele include

Company Name Website Country Revenue Employee
CEP America LLC            US          200M-1000M          1000-5000
Pareto AS        Norway          100M-200M          500-1000
GoAhead Solutions             US          10M-50M          50-200
Arconic Inc             US          >1000M          >10000
Hyatt Hotels Corporation             US          >1000M          >10000

Jazz HR

JAZZ HR  is a recruiting suite that includes an applicant tracking system module. It facilitates jobs posting on multiple job boards and social media sites in one instance. It allows screening of applications based on predefined criteria, and use reporting tools to derive implications. It offers the privilege to set different stages in the hiring process and customize workflows. Jazz HR has been ranked #1 most user-friendly ATS on the market by Capterra, JazzHR’s partner network, and list of integrations continue to grow. Users have access to ADP, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Facebook Jobs, and more, all within a single platform.  

Jazz HR clientele include

Company         Website Country Employee  Revenue
PR Hacker US 10 – 49 $1,000,000 to $9,999,999
Evite US 50 – 199 $1,000,000 to $9,999,999
Exploratorium  US 200 -499 $50,000,000 to $99,999,999
California School Project US 10 – 49 Unknown
Signal 88 Security US 1,000 – 4,999 $100,000,000 to $199,999,999

IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite

IBM Kenexa is a talent acquisition and recruitment suite to search, recruit onboard and cultivate the best talent. It includes behavioral marketing tools to proactively attract talent, motivates job seekers to connect, generate qualified applications and increase new-hire productivity. The IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite quickly identifies best-fit candidates using assessments powered by IBM Watson™ analytics It is also easy to use, most hiring managers can use the system without training.

IBM Kenexa clientele include

Company Website Country Employee  Revenue
Raytheon US Above 10,000        Over $1,000,000,000
CVS Health Us Above 10,000        Over $1,000,000,000
NBC Universal US Above 10,000        Over $1,000,000,000
Arizona State University US From 200 to 499       $10,000,000 to $49,999,999
The Walt Disney Company US Above 10,000       Over $1,000,000,000

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors inspires one to succeed and lead the recruitment chase. It strategies the process to attract talent,  keep employees fully engaged, and convert a workforce future-ready. It seamlessly aligns HR processes, designs the recruitment and retention blueprint, train and re-skill workforce, exploits the advantage of technologies such as artificial intelligence to the fullest. SAP Success Factors provides software for core HR processes, time and attendance management, learning and development, performance, and more!

SAP Success Factors  Clientele includes

Company Website Country Employee  Revenue
Oldcastle       US      Above 10,000             Over $1,000,000,000
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope       US      From 5,000 to 9,999        Unknown
APAC       US      From 1,000 to 4,999       $50,000,000 to $99,999,999
TriHealth       US      Above 10,000       Over $1,000,000,000
Nova Scotia Health Authority       CA      Above 10,000       Over $1,000,000,000
Compass Group       GB      Above 10,000       Over $1,000,000,000


Recruiting has become highly competitive and Manatal assists companies of all sizes to improve their recruitment process. Manatal helps you enhance your collaboration and communication both internally and externally so that your team, your hiring managers, third parties and stakeholders can all work with efficiency to shortlist candidates and manage their journey through the hiring process.It was observed that most of the Applicant Tracking System is developed for and by US and European companies and therefore there is a lack of integration with Asian Job portals. 

So, Manatal a Bangkok based company (with offices all around Asia including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore) offers an ATS with a large number of features specific to the Asian Market.

Free Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

iKrut, Opencat, SmartStart are free, and open-source ATS solutions featured on Capterra and shortlisted the three best solutions for developing companies and startups.

With IKRUT, Hr’s can manage ten job vacancies simultaneously, which is sufficient for the needs of most Small and Medium Businesses. HRs can also manage multiple stages of the recruitment process, such as job posting, candidate tracking, and communications through the multi-session facility. IKRUT could be upgraded to Premium or Premium+ plans, which let them manage more than ten job vacancies. This is highly recommended for businesses that hire 20–250 employees per year.

Opencat allows users to track applicants, store resumes and contact details, tag skills to applicants, maintain a recruitment calendar, and communicate with candidates via email. The software allows an unlimited number of job posts and applicants. It has an online forum where Users can seek answers for any product-related queries. This ATS offers unlimited users and is absolutely free of cost.

SmartStart,is a free version of the SmartRecruiters talent acquisition suite, which is primarily a cloud-based ATS for small businesses. It lets users create and manage job posts across job boards, design career pages on their business websites, and track applicants during different stages of the recruitment. It is highly preferred in companies that have up to 250 employees and are keen to automate different stages of the recruitment process.

In a nutshell, with the applicant tracking system, recruiters may never miss out on potential candidates. ATS is device compliant, platform compliant, social media complaint, omnipresent, which can be accessed from any location. These dynamic features add wings to the HR recruitment processes. It is highly adaptive and fit for all or any company size. The search and sort criteria can be set and altered as per the organizational structure and regional policies.

It archives and compress the procedures of posting jobs, managing job boards, scheduling and conducting interviews, handling communication, and rolling out offer letters to selected candidates into one briefcase and make the hiring comparatively fast and faultless. The applicant tracking system is a revolutionary product that ensures new highs for any business domain.

Uzma Abdulla is an Editorial & Content Coordinator for The Media Bulletin. Experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing space. Skilled in strong program and project management. Master of Arts (M.A.) in Archaeology and Pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling. She likes to be on her toes when it comes to facilitating events and collaborating with people.

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