Google, also referred to as Google Web Search or simply Google Search is a search engine developed by Google LLC. It is the world’s most popular and widely used search engine.  Google provides the best answer to a search query as quickly as possible. It is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web across all platforms, with a 92.47% market share as of June 2021. Google s the most visited site on the Internet and processes over 3.5 billion searches each day. It focuses on products and services related to the Internet. The majority of Google revenues are through advertising. Mail, productivity tools, enterprise products, mobile devices, and other endeavors have all been added to the company’s portfolio of offerings.

Before the birth of the great search master, Google, people relied on libraries, phone books, and encyclopedias. People nowadays only need to type their questions into the blue search box on the search engine’s home page.

The page ranking method distinguishes Google from its competitors and keeps it in first place among search engines. The technology filters result by relevancy and assists individuals in finding solutions to nearly any question. Despite its reputation as a high-end search engine, Google provides several valuable services, such as Google Maps.

Google Commemoration Day is observed every year on September 7, the anniversary of its founding.

The Origin of Google

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Ph.D. students at Stanford University, began a research project in January 1996 in which they created a search engine, paving the way for the formation of Google. They developed a PageRank algorithm that examined website relationships and determined their importance based on the number of links to other websites. This algorithm was in contrast to many other search engines at the time, which judged a page’s relevance based on how many times a search phrase appeared on it.

The search engine’s original name was “BackRub,” since it used “backlinks” to estimate the importance of a website. They finally changed their name to Google, which is a misspelling of the phrase “googol,” which is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. The name was selected to demonstrate how Google can supply a wealth of information and how the Internet is a never-ending source of information.

On September 15, 1997, both founders registered their domain names. On September 7, 1998, Page and Brin incorporated and began operations in a room connected to a garage in Menlo Park, California, after receiving around $1,000,000 from investors.

Although some sources claim that Google was founded on September 4, the date has become known as Google Commemoration Day. Google was still in the beta phase at the time, and it was answering around 10,000 search inquiries each day. PC Magazine rated it one of the best websites and search engines in December of that year.

In 1999, the company expanded and relocated its headquarters to Palo Alto, California. In 2003, they moved to Mountain View, California, to establish their current headquarters. Google was processing over three million search queries each day at the time. The Googleplex, its central workplace, is noted for its casual work environment and inventive style.

In 2015, Google was renamed Alphabet, thereby making Google a subsidiary. Alphabet, as a parent company allowed Google to branch out beyond Internet search and advertising to become a technological powerhouse.

Google has evolved from a search engine to include various services such as Google Mail, Google Docs, and Google Drive. Despite facing criticism on privacy and search neutrality problems, Google’s impact in today’s digital is remarkable.

Most frequently asked question about Google is when did Google become famous?

Google’s defining years were the early 2000s. Google became the client search engine for Yahoo!, one of the most popular websites on the Internet. Users were searching on Google 200 million times each day by 2004 when Yahoo! dropped Google’s services. Later in 2002, Yahoo attempted to buy Google for $3 billion in 2002 but missed the mark.

Some Mind-blowing Facts about Google

Google has an estimated 35 trillion Web pages in its index from all across the Internet. While this is an incredible figure, 35 trillion dollars is only the tip of the iceberg. Google’s index contains just about 4% of all the information available on the Internet.

An average person conducts 3–4 searches every day, according to research from These numbers correspond to about 1,200 searches every month. In addition, the average time a user spends on Google searching for something is less than a minute.

Google handles 3.8 million queries every minute on average around the world. These numbers equate to 228 million searches each hour, 5.6 billion per day, and 2 trillion searches per year!

Google Maps is accountable for 13% of all Google searches. These numbers may not appear to be a large number, but when you factor in 13% of 2 trillion search queries, you can estimate that Google Maps is searched 260 billion times per year.

Youtube is the most searched term on Google, with an average of 1.3 billion queries. (April-June 2021). Facebook, Whatsapp, and Gmail are among the other popular search terms.

Why Do People Adore Google?

1. Google makes it easy to Get Things Done

We all use at least one Google product, from Google Sheets to Google Drive and Google Mail. We rely significantly on Google for business and personal purposes, and we can’t fathom a day without it.

2. Google has excellent Employment Initiatives

Google has offices all around the world; thus, it creates jobs. They employ over 60,000 people in over 40 countries to make the firm what it is today. Entry-level employees at Google make the least money, with a starting salary of $51,000.

3. It encourages Innovation and Creativity

Google has long been a proponent of both innovation and creativity. Take the well-known Googleplex as an example of how they are revolutionizing work.

Here’s how you can celebrate Google Commemoration Day:

1. Enjoy Google Doodles:

A Google Doodle is a product of Google that shows on the homepage for a limited time on special occasions in place of Google’s permanent logo. Doodles were not hyperlinked or animated initially; they were interactive graphics with hover text summarizing the subject or wishing a happy holiday season. Until recently, they became famous because of the interactive game feature.

The new Google Doodle interactive game features a cat as the main character. Google developed the game in partnership with Studio 4°C, a Japanese animation studio. Players must press the Play button to begin the game.

2. Google about what’s on your mind:

You can celebrate Google Commemoration Day by searching for whatever that’s been recently on your mind. You can search for pages on making your favorite dish if you want to impress someone. There is always a wish for traveling to places you have never been to before, and hence with Google, you can plan and map out your next vacation.

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