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The process of designing marketing strategies to reach your users at any point of the marketing funnel is known as Mobile App Marketing. It’s the process of keeping the app users engaged during their entire experience with it, such as when they first discover it, download it, go through the onboarding process, and remain engaged.

The mobile applications are way more different than their previous forms. They have fundamentally transformed nearly every aspect of our lives. The user experience of mobile applications has also been phenomenal, from ordering food, to making a grocery list, checking account balances, and communicating with others. Every application is personalized according to the user’s needs.

In this development of the mobile applications, we can also see some trending features in them. Let us look at some mobile app marketing trends of 2021:

1. Mobile Ads Automation:

Currently, there are 204 billion mobile app downloads globally, which signifies the rise in mobile apps usage. The statistic proves that there is a broad audience set for mobile ads. Previously, mobile ads were managed on an hourly basis or at least till the ads were active. Now with the development of mobile applications, automation for ads is also available for marketers. This automation brings more scalability and efficiency in ad spent for marketing.

2. Mobile Based Content:

Considering how short video platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok have become, it is safe to say that companies can create more mobile-based content for their targeted audiences for better engagement. Such mobile applications have favored Influencer marketing techniques used by some major organizations, where popular influencers on these social media platforms promote products and services. This type of marketing also drives great ROI as audiences find a connection with their influencers.

3. ChatBots:

Chatbots make it easier for companies to make an instant connection with their customers, be it answering visitor’s queries or guiding them through the website. Chatbots support mobile applications to promote any products/services and also clear any preconceived objections about them. Chatbots provide mobile application customization as they establish a connection with the app users right from the beginning.

4. Video Content:

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, then definitely, a video favored a million and especially with the rise of platforms like IGTV, Insta Reels, Tiktok, and others. There is a demand for more video content on these platforms. According to, videos make up 63 percent of all mobile traffic. Companies only need to choose the right platform based on their target audience and create video content that engages their audiences.

5. E-Commerce Applications:

In recent times customers have started relying more on e-commerce platforms for daily essentials and other items due to the Covid-19 crisis.  Mobile apps primarily based on the E-commerce module have seen a tremendous rise during the pandemic crisis. It is not just that big giants like Amazon and Flipkart have benefited from this situation, but apps catering to the locals’ needs have shared a similar amount of benefits.

6. Blockchain Applications:

A new form of a distributed app, aka “dApps,” is expected to disrupt the mobile marketing industry dramatically, thanks to the evolving blockchain technology. “Running on top of a peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain network that acts as a kind of operating system,” explains Computer World, “dApps create an innovative ecosystem of open source software that is both secure and resilient.”

7. Voice Search Assistance in Applications:

AI has given rise to the demand for Voice Search Assistance in almost every digital platform, be it search engines or social media. Companies with mobile marketing as their chief weapon for marketing have already started designing more customized Voice Search Assistance for customers. Amazon, Google, and Apple are examples of how significantly can Voice Search Assistance can be used.

8. Push Notification:

Push Notifications are of great help for marketers  when used correctly, but they can also be annoying for the users if not used effectively by the marketers. Most mobile application available in the market has a built-in push notification feature in the system. But only a few amongst them have used them at the correct stages in the UI. Since they provide a better connection with the audience and always notify them, in 2021, there will be new trends like personalization of push notifications for different set of audience and variance in CTA placements for conversion and better user experience.  

Now that we have seen the upcoming trends in mobile marketing applications. Let us look at the top mobile applications based on Social Media, Video Search, E-commerce, and Crypto-currency. 

Social Media Application:

Instagram, founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and originally released on iOS in October 2010, is an American photo and video-sharing social networking site operated by Facebook.

Instagram has reached well over 1 billion monthly users for a long time, with influencers, labels, writers, small businesses, friends, and everything in between. If you’re curious if the platform spends time on a large portion of your audience, the response is almost definitely a big yes.

Fabulous photography, beautiful graphics, creative templates, a selfie-style video that communicates directly to the people, and a coherent theme to your content will make you stand out on Instagram. These are the type of content that works best on Instagram. If your target audience lies under 40, then Instagram is your place to generate better ROI.

Video Search Application:

YouTube, Headquartered in San Bruno, California, is an American online video-sharing site. The company, founded in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, was acquired by Google for US$1.65 billion in November 2006 and is now one of the subordinates of the organization.

Today, YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine, only outranked by Google, its parent company. YouTube users are very involved, consuming one billion hours of video every day on average. Every minute, more than 500 hours of video were uploaded, a 40% increase since 2014.

Video-only is the content that works best on YouTube. Both long-form and short-form video content will work very well on this site, depending on your kind of business and who your audience is. Most audiences are tuned into a mix of education and entertainment, so if you educate your audience about new marketing techniques or video gaming streaming, work hard in your videos to keep their attention.

E-Commerce Application:, Inc., headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is an American multinational technology corporation focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

There is no doubt that Amazon has the best e-commerce mobile application, with 197 million monthly visitors. Amazon tops the list by giving its customers the best shopping experience. It offers you a wide variety of items for the option and purchase of the product.

Its mobile app’s light and quicker functionality help you complete your shopping process in just a few taps. It is reliable and trusted by secure and multiple payment gateways.

Cryptocurrency Application:

One of the best mobile cryptocurrency wallet apps is Blockchain Wallet. It is best suited and fully functional for Bitcoin transactions.  Some of them include 20+ currency conversions, Bitcoin payment sending and receiving capacity, two-factor authentication, PIN protection, 18-language support, TOR blocking, and QR code support. Also, if it matters to you, it is free and open source. There is also a relatively simple User Interface and Material Design.

These were the top mobile applications based on Social Media, Video Search, E-commerce, and Crypto-currency. If you plan to build mobile applications in the mentioned niches, modelling popular features of the mentioned mobile applications will up your game.

Rajvansh Adagale is a well versed content writer with over more than 2 years of experience in most forms of writing. He is experimental in his writing style and research for content. Also a huge believer of Seth Godin's idea of "write as you speak". Rajvansh believes in establishing a conversation with the minds of the reader to build a connection.

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