Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, along with predictive analytics, are not so new from the technological prospect. But the use of it in the marketing process has reached the high, recently. The big companies take advantage of AI and ML to enhance marketing strategies and workflows. The power of AI helps a marketer personalize and predict the customer behavior to build an engaging connection.

According to McKinsey, 35% of Amazon’s revenue is generated by its recommendation engine to churn a colossal sum of around $53 Bn in revenue. It shows the power of analyzing data to know the customer better and acknowledge what they are looking for. By catering the need of the customer, a company can stay in the ‘good book’ of the customers, which will help to generate more positive branding.

Why AI is Taking Leading Role in Email Marketing?

Today email campaigns are more confident in its approach by automatically analyzing millions of data points. The AI algorithms are smart enough to determine the best time to send out emails, so those can be opened and read. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping marketers by reducing the time for campaign production and enabling them to boost revenues and engagement.  AI helps in moving from segmentation to personalization. Individualization reduces campaign production time, keeping it personal yet more effective. Sincere customization enables the marketer to:


Why AI for Email Marketing


1. Get AI supports in collecting data on the interests and choices of each consumer more efficiently than any human support.

2. Depend on AI for the help in segregation of millions of data to create personalized content for each email reader.

3. To get support from AI to keep the database continuously updated based on users’ behaviour/choice through their clicks.

How AI Supports Extensive Email Marketing?

1. Writing Assistance

Through natural language generation (NLG), AI is trained for producing narratives for a multitude of purposes—press releases, social shares, and even email subject lines. AI can assess the essential data to create an optimal subject line. The option includes things like word choice, sentiment, emoji use, and more. And it does this at scale, so it’s accurate and fast.

2. Optimizing Support

Today’s consumers expect highly personalized recommendations and experiences, but it’s nearly impossible for marketers to deliver that to each consumer. And as an audience grows, it becomes even more overwhelming to provide personal service and support. The quote of Dan Jak perfectly summarizes the power of optimization, “Personalisation – it is not about first/last name. It’s about relevant content.” Here comes the importance of AI with its ultimate support through optimized data analysis. It helps in delivering the most personalized service in a one to one platform of email marketing.

3. Data Assessment

Marketers always focus on optimizing strategies, which are both creative and other value-adding operations. AI firewalls are very impressive when it comes to blocking unwanted emails, which make sure only clean and verified email lists for the marketers to avoid any spam or the probability of sending a message to an already deleted account. This is one of the smartest strategies before starting email campaigns. As this technology looks very promising, it can positively impact email marketing targets.

4. Retargeting

Retargeting the customer is one of the vital parts of keeping the personalized support intact. As customer involvement is the key to success, it’s essential to keep them in the circle. It becomes a task to bring back those customers who were once active. AI can filter those customers through the activity tracker and help a company to knock their door and offer them something to draw their attention.

5. More Positive Engagement

AI makes email marketing faster, more productive, and personalized with its faster services and more accurate data extraction. AI-enabled systems support the triggered automation or the drip campaigns, most efficiently as the company gets the information directly from the subscriber insights, based on browsing behaviors, past purchase records, interests, clicks and so on. Automated campaigns of AI provides prominent impact on order update emails, cart recovery emails, welcome emails, emails on delivery detail, retention emails, product promotional emails, and birthday and anniversary emails to drive maximum engagement.

6. Customize Email Promotions

The best part of email promotion is that it is customizable. To reach each of the customers in a one to one conversation can create a great impact for the brand promotion. There are few tricks to do that. Such as lure the audience with special offers, deals, and promotions, time-sensitive call to action to create urgency works good on buyers, shower with seasonal promotions and so on. While promoting the offers and special discounts it’s important to keep certain things in mind, such as focusing on a singular message, keeping it concise but powerful, the email should be mobile-friendly. Don’t forget to greet the recipient by his/her name, start the email with a catchy heading, choose appropriate and light HTML picture and proofread it thoroughly.

How AI Assisted Email Marketing Generates Return on Investment (ROI)?

AI is the new face of email marketing. It has created a vistas for new possibilities. At the same time, it can increase engagement, conversions and lead generation to increase more organic traffic to the site or app. The marketers believe that AI is positioned to have a significant impact on subscriber engagement. 65% of marketers believe AI can have a major impact on email marketing. Approximately 1.7 billion mobile users check emails on their phones, and this data lures several marketers to utilize the habit. Google initiated Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) to increase mobile activities. It is a project that Google, in collaboration with Twitter has come up with, to make really fast mobile pages for better response and engagement from customers’ side. These attempts will support the marketers to use AI more prominently to generate ROI through email marketing.

MAICON: Artificial Intelligence Conference Can Shape Marketing Strategies!

AI can be the most prominent face of email marketing in the coming days! Machine Learning platforms don’t just lighten the workload; they help to tap into vast wells of customer data to build better relationships in a faster pace. MAICON (Marketing Artificial intelligence Conference) creates an opportunity to know about the futuristic application of AI in email marketing. Email marketing possibilities are so massive and prominent that it can make other marketing options almost obsolete! MAICON creates the opportunity for the marketers to know more about email marketing nitty-gritty. Here one can meet a number of AI researchers, entrepreneurs, executives, and eminent authors who share strategies, technologies, personal experiences and case studies to make AI more noticeable in marketing strategies. Last year it was quite successful with more than 300 marketers, where attendees from 12 countries and 28 states participated. Its growing popularity is nothing but a positive hint towards future email marketing.

Wind Up

AI is getting more potent with the passing time. As a matter of fact, it is establishing the future of information and data transfer. Being the speediest than most technologies in fetching data, the dependence on AI is growing fast. Email marketing is a direct customer approaching process, the valid data can do a miracle, and it seems in no time AI will take over all the other marketing strategies for email marketing.

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