The presence of 3.8 billion email users worldwide creates an excellent opportunity for B2B email marketing platforms. Email marketing has been proved to be one of the most prominent sectors to improve business and customer engagement. 61% of customers want brands to provide the information through email, and 49% of users confirm interest for promotional emails from their favorite seller weekly. But the reality is 20.4% of all emails are either completely missing or caught by the spam filters. 

Top 10 B2B Email Marketing Trends 2020

B2B Email Marketing

Marketing has become smarter with innovative ideas and technological supports. Email marketing is the latest addition to that. As customer engagement has become the biggest challenge, few trends always help to stay ahead in the stark competitive market. Research suggests approximately half of those marketers who take the help of the video in email campaigns witness the number of click-through rates, more time involved in reading emails, and along with it also supports increased sharing and forwarding. B2B email marketing is more difficult than B2C marketing. So let’s delve deep into understanding different b2b email marketing strategies to get the attention of the business leaders.

1. Use of Email Marketing Analytics

Data analytics gives measurable data to fathom the target customer, loyal customers, and new customers and so on. Using the data becomes very fruitful in understanding the customer need. It clears the vision of what is working for the branding and what is not helping much. Email marketing platforms can also take the support of analytics plug-ins such as Webhook or SendGrid for more scientific data collection and send emails following customer’s psychology. 

2. Automation Support for Smart Moves

The assistance of AI and ML are inevitable for better-augmented support in email marketing. Email marketing without automation would be a time-consuming, complicated process. Automation can be added as critical support to acknowledge customer’s activity. Getting the company details and other aspects of the brand including their strength, performance, help the seller to approach them better. Drip campaign is a way that supports B2B email marketing a lot. With the help of automation drip marketing which focus on dropping mails on particular occasion or in a periodical manner keep the customer engaged till the deal is done, is proven to be effective.

3. Help in Personalizing Message 

Personalization is the key strategy for B2B email marketing success. It is one of the crucial and yet simple task to do for a perfect campaign for the brand. According to David Newman, “Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” Inform the user of the trial period and send them free trial options and also invite them of some upcoming business events to show more warmth in the approach. The tailor-made services have a significant impact on customers’ psychology to create a more loyal customer base. 

4. More Engaging Content for Emails

The content of an email includes title, a body of letter along with the color combination and so on. These are all very significant to increase the interest of the customers. The email content matters as it compels in attracting the attention of the users. The tone of the message, especially how exclusive an email can make the customer feel are all parts of the engaging content. Apart from that, informing the user about the successful payment process and reminding of the activation are also part of engaging content for B2B email marketing.

5. Integrate with CRM and Analytics

The integrated use of CRM, analytics, and social media is even more critical in B2B marketing strategy. Given the high value of sales and the depth of research involved, integrating data across the customer journey can help the company better understand the expectations and needs of its customers. The best part of email marketing is where CRM (customer relationship management) is well blended with analytics. Though two of them are different from each other, in making email marketing more intimate, the collaboration of these three are essential.

Email is known to be one to one interaction process. For that, data plays a significant role in getting the details of the company and acknowledge their priorities. CRM takes advantage of the data to provide more personalized support to give offers, coupons, and other interests to attract customers through emails.

6. V-mail (Video in Email) is the Future

50% of B2B marketers use videos for email marketing, which have been proven a top email marketing trend. 73% among those marketers have claimed that the use of video in email marketing has positively impacted their revenue. People are hardly interested in written content now, and while hundreds of emails come to someone’s mobile, it’s a fact to realize the person will rarely spend more than a few seconds on one email. Videos are powerful enough to grab the attention, and if one likes it in the first few seconds, the possibility is that a person will watch it entirely. So, smart and crisp v-mail is undoubtedly the future of email marketing!

7. Database Segmentation Makes it Simple

Only collecting data is not the right approach to flourish the email marketing process. It requires marketers to have a thorough understanding of their recipients. Knowing the activities of the buyers and filtering loyal buyers make it easier to fathom their needs and how to cater them personally. The subscribers can be treated differently.

Interestingly the flying customers are also valuable. They allow the brand to cater them with diverse choices and, it is their activities, such as the business model, target, purchase patterns, clicks and likes, immensely support the seller to grow by helping them differently. So database segmentations opens new windows for a different approach from the brand to get more success in email marketing.

8. Data-driven Decisions are Smart Decisions

Email marketing is a strategic marketing process and needs to be driven by targets. To measure the results of email marketing activities, one should concentrate on tracking the clicks on links, open rate, conversions, unsubscribes, forwards, spam reports, and so on. It will keep the seller updated on how well the email campaigns are performing. Different email marketing tools and Google Analytics are helpful to track these metrics, and the companies can change the marketing plans and strategies accordingly for a better result.

9. Minimalist Email Design: When Less is More

Smart email design attracts the readers’ attention. It helps to break the monotony and increase the interest of the customers to create chances for more activity by them. Research suggests that it’s not always right to believe that bright colors attract users more. As at times bright colors are potential to make it look more compelling and promotional. In comparison to this lighter colors show more genuinity towards its customers. Some believe minimalistic email design can hardly make any difference, and it can prove harmful for marketers because it may fail to attract attention of the customers. But in reality, it is actually the opposite.

10. Chatbots: Solutions for the Grievances

Marketing is not only shoving the products or the brands to the customers. For a long term impact and a more loyal customer base solving the grievances at the earliest is very important. From product to payment issues or any other complains a 24/7 attendance should be ready to address those. ChatBots acts best as they can talk to the customers and can collect the data of the customers, and in some cases, the solution can be given instantly. For other crucial situations, the involvement of ‘human’ support is more helpful. Such support can vouch for the loyalty, quality, and professionalism of the brand. 

The Conclusion

It is believed that an effective email is a relevant email for email marketing. Approximately 60% of B2B consumers have claimed that marketing emails influence their purchase interest. It creates a way for people to ‘Sign Up’ to the website or app. Tailoring the email campaign denotes the service and approach of the brand to its customers. Thus the first target of any company should be to research the average email stats, gather some context, and then set the campaign goals.

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