According to Dela Quist, “To not have an email address is the digital equivalent of being homeless. Without it, you can’t shop online, bank online, or engage with social media.” The quote becomes more relevant as research suggests an average of 111 emails gets dropped in a customer’s inbox. This data can be used as an opportunity to make a personal connection with the customer and provide individual support to get more engagement. A company must find creative ways for email marketing to stand out among hundreds of messages. When limited by budget and time, the market becomes dependent on data and creativity.

Data-Driven Email Marketing and Data Protection Goes Together

Email marketing is dependent on database-oriented support. The laws are already competent in the European Union (EU) which assures the digital privacy protection and regulates various online consent. According to the GDPR (general data protection regulation) guide, the companies need to follow a number of rules and restrictions to support the struggle against unethical use of personal data. The best way to flourish in this sector is to have a well-blended knowledge to take advantage of the data in the most professional manner. The new general data protection regulation has a direct impact on marketing practices, including email marketing.

The GDPR supports enabling users to withdraw themselves if they want. The unsubscribe button is not good enough if one is still able to get a custom message. The GDPR also holds one accountable for its data storage process. It requires that any retained data (such as a copy of email addresses stored in a file on your computer) be stored securely, and not held for longer than needed.

That means one needs to access data without tampering it or taking undue advantage of it. The protection of the data is also part of the process. One cannot merely use it loosely to leak personal information of the customers. It will breach the business ethics and, at the same time, break customers’ trust forever! The fact is, it takes forever to gain the trust of a customer and needs a second to lose them.

Email Marketing Under GDPR

The company must have an audit of the current database as thorough knowledge on data protection is required. Data driven email marketing is the future of email marketing for its easy accessibility and double layered protection for the consumer. For a successful email marketing strategy, the marketers must focus on certain factors, such as:

1. Follow a double opt-in practice

From where and when the contact’s information is coming, and how did that information end up in a company’s database needs to be justified. The company must have enough information on permission and source, which can support them in court inquiry.

2. Ask for consent at the moment of collecting the data

The privacy policy should be written in clear, concise language that informs the details of how a company collects, stores, transfers, and processes data using. Information regarding communication of data privacy policy to the customer is mandatory.

Email Marketing Database for CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

An email marketing database is not only used for the promotion of the brand and to attract the customer. The database is also used for CRM (customer relationship management). Email marketing is potential enough to acknowledge the habits and choices of the customers by using the data and utilize the data for a personalized approach to the customer from the company’s side. Wishing on birthday, anniversary, or congratulating after making a purchase, unfolding offers especially for specific customers, makes the customer feel privileged.

Data-driven email marketing may sound innovative, but honestly, it has been there for quite some time without being recognized for its full potential. Digital marketing trends always find a new way, and data-driven email marketing is an old trick in a new package! There are a number of ways to deal with the accumulated data for a crisper data-driven email marketing process. 

Data-Driven Email Market Strategy for Business Improvement

It’s quite simple to do an excellent job with email marketing. The recent data-driven email marketing trend is simple to follow. Just take care of a few do’s and don’ts to gain a positive result. Let us talk about those!

Data Driven

The Do’s

Easy subscribeThe subscription of a company should be simpler through the mail. If it’s proved to be a time-consuming process, the consumer may lose interest. Too much unlocking process is an absolute no!

The ‘tested’ emailAlways send the first mail to yourself to check if it’s the way you wanted it to be. Typos, grammatical errors, or other such things can make a negative impact on the readers. The pictures and videos must open adequately, or else it will lose its meaning!

Double Opt-inWhen a customer subscribes through the website, ask for the email id and send a confirmation mail there. The double opt-in process is helpful to drag the attention of the email user not to be classified as spam. It’s essential to keep the company safe from GDPR.

TimingTake care of the schedule when the mail is being dropped in the inbox. Reports have shown that mobile users are more active in the early morning and late at night. The average is 21.7% from 8 pm to 11:59 pm, along with the highest revenue per email of a day.

The Don’ts

SpammingSending emails in unsubscribed ids are often counted as the biggest issue for spamming. Buying email lists or including mail ids without permission or their choice is counted as spamming.

Shove with emailDon’t annoy your loyal customers. Too many promotional ads and emails at times annoy the once interested customers, and they might want to unsubscribe. This action can backfire business strategy and affect marketers.

In the End

Data-driven email marketing is driven by assessment. So impress your readers, optimize the subject lines, concentrate on customer individuality, focus on timing, follow the legalities and everything else. Along with it, don’t just get satisfied with one successful attempt. Be more creative in every approach, and for that, it requires test, re-test, double-check, and analyse each section of the data-driven email marketing process. These key factors, if followed, will enhance the organization’s email marketing strategies.

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