National I.T. Professionals Day is celebrated annually on the third Tuesday in September to commemorate the world’s highly esteemed techies who keep us all closely connected. National I.T. Professionals Day was intended to honor the tech wizards who keep the nuts and bolts in place so that the typical worker’s station remains connected to the company network and runs smoothly.

I.T. professionals are the real stars of today’s modern businesses. These unrecognized geniuses take on the challenges that leave the rest of us baffled. I.T. specialists keep companies running smoothly by maintaining P.C.s, laptops, mobile devices, applications, servers, networks, databases, and cybersecurity. On the other hand, business executives and end-users frequently lack knowledge of the critical role they play and the challenges and complexities that come with modern I.T.

While these I.T. experts are often tasked with resolving computer and network difficulties, they also like designing and developing new things. Individuals and corporations equally benefit from their understanding of the technological world. Businesses might be amazed where their innovative knowledge and thinking can take them if they use it effectively.

How Crucial is I.T. for our Businesses?

The significance of information technology in any company context is evident, from small businesses run by an individual to large multi-national corporations. Obviously, in today’s corporate world, computer technology is used in every area and has become critical to business operations.

Businesses cease to exist without the use of information technology and system support. Nothing can get done in an office if the internet or phone service is down — H.R., finance, management, marketing, sales, and all other departments rely on working computer and information systems to fulfill their tasks. Furthermore, I.T. and Information Services (or I.S.) ensure data integrity and security in the face of technological threats.

In other words, without Information Technology personnel, workplaces would not be able to function. They’re an essential feature of any workplace and commercial setting.

What does it take to be an I.T. Expert?

Analytical, organizational, leadership, communication, and decision-making skills are all required of an I.T. specialist. I.T. aspirants should be aware of project management software, customer management software, server operating systems, and web platform development software. They should also be able to manage computer hardware like servers and network analyzers.

While certification is optional, it is widely mandatory in the industry. Employers generally require a Bachelor’s degree, while they are increasingly seeking a Master’s degree in some advanced departments. Of course, the more years of experience an individual has, the better.

History and Future Dates of National I.T. Professionals Day:

In March 2015, Solarwinds, a provider of efficient and convenient I.T. management software, established National I.T. Professionals Day after surveying their workforce and discovering that non-IT employees undervalued the job I.T. professionals conducted.

Here are the Future Dates:

September 21st, 2021

September 20th, 2022

September 19th, 2023

September 17th, 2024

September 16th, 2025

Some Amazing Statistics on the Future of I.T. Industry:

1. In 2020, the global information technology sector was valued at around $4.8 trillion, and by 2021, it is estimated to be worth $5.2 trillion.

2. Meanwhile, worldwide I.T. investment is expected to hit $3.92 trillion in 2021, up 20% from 2020.

3. In the United States, 86% of I.T. professionals view their future as bright and promising. The sentiment is similar across parts of the globe: 81% in Canada, 75% in the United Kingdom, 82% in Australia/New Zealand, 85% in the Benelux region.

4. Computer and information technology jobs pay an average of $88,240 per year in the United States, significantly above the national average of $39,810.

How can businesses appreciate I.T. Experts ?

Business leaders and Top Executives can acknowledge and seek out the unique information their I.T. professionals can bring in today’s invariably always-connected world to assist them in making intelligent strategic business decisions. Recognizing the value of an I.T. professional will give businesses a leg up on the competition. Also, they can make a point of highlighting their achievements. If companies do this correctly, they might uncover latent potential.

Here’s how individuals can commemorate National I.T. Professional Day at the Workplace ?

1. Small Token of Appreciation:

Individuals can appreciate the I.T. workers who make their life easier by offering small appreciation tokens like gift cards, or they can take them out for coffee; maybe this could be an opportunity to learn something new.

2. A Social Media Shout-out:

Employees can also appreciate the hard work of their I.T. department by giving them a shout-out on the company’s online platform or even on their social media handles.

3. Resolving Minor Issues on Our Own:

Sometimes employees often bother I.T. teams with minor issues which require a minimal amount of adjustments. Resolving such matters on our own can be a grand gesture of appreciation towards the I.T. professionals.

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