A podcast seems like a simple enough word, but several opportunities and applications are attached to it. Podcasting has become a trend in markets because of the ease of hosting and listening. From younger to old folk, many have their list of favorite podcasts and hosts. Podcast content has been growing, with hosts and producers creating new series at a fast pace. We can see that this digital content has transformed the radio experience into something more exciting and engaging.

Before we learn about the significance of podcasts in today’s world, let us familiarize ourselves with the concept of podcasts.

How does a podcast work?

Mainly, a podcast is a set of audio recordings. There are a minimal number of video podcasts available in comparison to the audio form. The concept of podcasts is somewhat similar to a blog where audience interest has to be captured and held over time.  There are podcast hosts who design and create podcasts with topics of their choosing. It can be any topic based on their interest or expertise. Hosts come up with unique podcast titles, introductions, and catchphrases to attract audiences.  Podcasts are usually created by people who have effective communication skills. Among others, monologues, interviews, educational and story-telling are some formats of podcasts.

When it comes to creating podcasts, hosts can use either simple or complex recording instruments based on their budget. The aim is to develop appealing audio content. With the help of podcast hosting websites, these podcasts are created and then made available to listeners via podcast directories. Podcast hosting websites offer paid and free services to hosts. The length of podcasts, the number of advertisements, and ease of access to directories may differ. Famous podcast directories include Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher.

The Significance of podcasts in Today’s World

Why are podcasts so popular today? In this fast-paced world, it is one of the best ways to listen to topics of interest. People often listen to podcasts when they are performing other daily or mundane activities. Podcasts can be downloaded or streamed over the internet effortlessly and at very affordable costs, with free options also available. The wide variety of topics ensures that audiences find a podcast series that they like pretty effortlessly. The list goes on and on, and listeners are spoilt for choice. Informative content, fiction, daily news, and teaching content are posted for different audiences’ interests. It is also popular among sellers and hosts who take advantage of the paid advertisements to increase their revenue.

Podcasts and the notion of podcasting have become quite trendy today. You can listen to podcasts on the go, which is a definite plus. Unlike videos, it does not require our complete attention. Whether we switch it on in the car, during a workout, or while performing household chores, it is helpful in some way or another. It can sometimes just simply run in the background while you try to relax after a hectic day. There is no schedule that one follows for listening to podcasts. The 24X7 availability is very appealing. With the prominent level of popularity, it is no surprise that we celebrate International Podcast Day.

History of International Podcast Day

Initially, National Podcast Day was celebrated in the year 2014 in the United States. To answer the question ‘Who created International Podcast Day?’, it was the idea of Steve Lee, who wanted to celebrate podcasting. His belief in the power of podcasting and the positive impact it has on building international community relations is inspiring. A team of podcasters helped make National Podcast Day a success by hosting different activities and connecting with podcasters in regions in the US. Many people in the podcast community participated in the free live stream event. They got the desired exposure to share their opinions and see if they used their broadcasting skills optimally.

With broader acceptability in the picture, the same event was re-branded as International Podcast Day in 2015. So, what day is ‘International Podcast Day?’ It is celebrated on the 30th of September. A host of events are organized, with podcasters and participants from many countries joining the celebration. By observing this day, podcasters receive the deserved attention. Podcasters also showcase their talent to a broader audience base. We recognize the value that podcasters add to our lives each day when they design and create new podcasts. Considering how developing or producing podcasts is not an easy task, recognizing podcasting talent is especially important.

How can we celebrate International Podcast Day?

There are various ways in which we can be involved in the celebrations. Again, it all comes down to sharing information and inviting friends and family to participate in the events. Enthusiasts can actively promote the event through social media and word of mouth. We can create a buzz about International Podcast Day by sharing relevant information and links on social media platforms. #International Podcast Day and #PodcastDay have been used for updates and the latest news. There is a logo available to be used on social media, with significant promotions and artwork also available online. In short, International Podcast Day provides a suitable way to applaud podcast hosts, listeners, and the podcasting community and celebrate the evolution of podcasts together.

Why is International Podcast Day important for podcasters?

For podcasters, there is a lot to be gained by being associated with this celebration. Podcasters can reach new people and promote their podcasts effectively. Learning the latest trends in the podcast world is simpler because experienced podcasters share their insights. The latest solutions in podcasting and hosting are also discussed in online sessions. Podcasters can use the opportunity to gain more knowledge from experts, and they can improvise on their content. Podcasters who have not found the optimum success yet can use virtual meetups to learn new podcasting tips and techniques. This process will enable unsuccessful podcasters to earn more profits and start afresh with confidence. People wanting to pursue a career in podcasting should be a part of International Podcast Day.

What is in it for the listeners?

For audiences or podcast enthusiasts, is a suitable platform to connect with fellow thinkers. Topics of discussion are expansive, and interactive meetings lead to new, interesting, or undiscovered content. People share details about favorite podcasts, and they can make financial contributions to hosts as well. Considering how social media is used for live broadcasting, enthusiasts can participate from any corner of the world; all they need is interest in podcasts and an internet connection. The People’s Choice Podcast Awards is also streamed live on the day. Organizers have involved fans to a great extent in finalizing the nominees and selecting the winners. International Podcast Day activities are very lively, and everyone who listens to podcasts can join in the celebration.

In conclusion

Altogether, International Podcast Day highlights the significance of podcasts in today’s world very well. Imagine a continuous stream of inspirational podcasts, community-building activities, country-specific podcast news, music-related information, and many other events; the positive vibes it brings to the table with ever-increasing intensity. With each passing year, the number of podcasts and enthusiasts increases, accentuating the fact that podcasts are becoming an important part of everyday life.

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