First, let’s talk about social media marketing in the context of why it is not the optimal choice for better ROI and conversion rate.

Well, it is a fact that social media provides the best reach compared to other platforms. The only issue with this advantage is that such reach can promote a product or service but not sell it efficiently.

To put things straight social media marketing works great for brand awareness campaigns and promotional campaigns, but it doesn’t create the same magic for conversion campaigns. It is not a hidden fact that with the help of data science, social media marketing has gained some boost in Conversion campaigns. Still, the audience isn’t usually warm enough to convert sales, which leads to creating extended formats of sales funnels.

Effective marketing is a crucial factor in the company’s growth. If the company’s marketing strategies do not bring the best sales conversion, they are of no fair use. Social media marketing can be beneficial in other marketing strategies for its benefit, but Paid Search is a better alternative for achieving good ROI and sales conversion.

Online sales experts have always been in favor of Paid Search over Social Media Marketing. As most of them firmly believe that “you give your customers what they search for,” and that is precisely the features of Paid Search strategies.

Statistics on Paid Search:

1. 93% of digital and online experience starts with search engines, which boosts paid search ads’ visibility and reach.

2. Search traffic converts 10X better than social media traffic on the desktop.

3. Google paid search ads generated $32.4 billion in ad revenue for the years 2018-2019. Also, competitors like Yahoo and Bing generated $4.8 billion in ad revenue combined.

4. The second largest search engine Youtube generates more than a billion unique searches monthly.

5. Small business entities generate $3 in revenue for every $1.50 spent in paid search ads.

To give a broader perspective of the expert’s choice of Paid Search over Social Media Marketing.

Let us look at the top 6 reasons why Paid Search gains more traction than SMM.

1. Interested Buyers: 

Now, these type of buyers are leads which are already warm enough to convert into sales. They know what they are looking for with the right description of the product. They intend to buy the product they are looking for. All they need is a little push from the dealer’s end by giving out some exciting offers.

Let’s consider an example:

Adam is looking to buy Nike Shoes for the rate of $120. All he has to do to look out for options on such deals is to put in the keywords like “Nike Shoes under $120”.

Any shoe dealer running paid search ads on Google offering such shoes gets Adam an interested buyer. In this case, Adam qualifies as a warm lead and ready to convert for the shoe dealer.

2. Sales Funnel Implementation:

You’ve probably heard Russell Brunson saying, “you are just one Sales Funnel away from achieving your desired sales target.” Well, it is true but only with the right marketing strategy to back it up. In the expert’s opinion, the Sales funnel should be well designed and properly implemented to get better ROI and sales conversion in Paid Search ads.

Since most marketing professionals know the keywords, they use these keywords very smartly to create baits to acquire leads in their sales funnel. Such tactics are best for Paid Search ad strategies. The chances of upselling are also pretty high as a customer searching for; likewise, products have strong buying intentions.

It can’t be more clear that Paid Search is the best strategy for implementing a Sales Funnel.

3. Manageable Ad Optimization:

One of the top priorities of online marketing is figuring out which Ad performs better than the rest of the Ads. Ad optimization is much more manageable and straightforward compared to social media in paid search. Figuring out which Ads perform much better is not tricky in Paid Search ads as the goal behind Ad optimization is to get better at budget usage.

Paid Search Ad account managers can also optimize multiple ads in an ad group to see which ads perform better to get an enhanced return on investment.

4. Competitor Analysis:

It is always better to know how your competitors are doing in the market for two reasons. First, to understand what content is performing better for your mutual audience. Second, you don’t make the same mistake as they do.

Search engines have their edge on providing a right hand in competitive analysis. Whereas social media doesn’t prove to be much of help in this crucial process. So this is one of the reasons why online marketing experts prefer Paid Search over Social Media.

5. Best retargeting:

Creating retargeting campaigns allows marketers to bifurcate people who have already visited the page. By making a list of such an audience, you can bid higher for them as you know they have searched for the same keywords and are yet in need of the same product or services.

It is easy to create such an audience list in paid search ads to yield the best conversion rate. It is also possible in social media marketing, but the audience in paid search ads has already visited the entire website and is familiar with its offering.

6. Negative retargeting:

Just like you can create an audience list for retargeting paid search campaigns, you can use the same tactic to create a list of the audience that visited your website but did not show desired interest or, in some manner, won’t be able to convert.

Negative retargeting is a useful weapon in paid search strategies as it proves to be very cost-effective. Negative retargeting is one reason why Ads can be better optimized in the paid search than social media.

So those were the top 6 reasons why online marketing experts choose Paid Search over Social Media.

Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time. – Ann Handley

Paid search ads give the same feeling of having a conversation, wherein the buyer is asking for a product/service and helps with the desired search results.

The secret is marketing strategies for every business is different, and it especially requires method with targeted precision to acquire the desired goal. This piece of content is for all who are looking to drive their sales faster and efficiently. If sales are the current goal in your minds, then it’s high time you choose paid search and the hot search engines to your aid.

Rajvansh Adagale is a well versed content writer with over more than 2 years of experience in most forms of writing. He is experimental in his writing style and research for content. Also a huge believer of Seth Godin's idea of "write as you speak". Rajvansh believes in establishing a conversation with the minds of the reader to build a connection.

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