Development is a vital part of our lives. Be it on a personal or professional front; development is something that we always tend to chase. The development adds more meaning to life and engages us with a new hope each day. With the prospect of development at hand, we remain focused on our crucial goals in life. Without development, many would be going through the same mundane lifestyle. Information, too, is one of the critical factors in everyday life. Even our very fundamental decisions depend on the availability of relevant information. We can establish that development and information significantly impact countries’ global economic dynamics and growth potential. Now, let us see ‘What is World Development Information Day 2021?’

World Development Information Day 2021: The day and its significance

World Development Information Day is celebrated every year on the 24th of October. The United Nations General Assembly established World Development Information Day in 1972. The General Assembly wanted the World Development Information Day to coincide with the United Nations Day. One primary intention behind this day is to enhance the circulation of information related to development, including the opportunities for world co-operations and hurdles to development. Overall, the General Assembly also shed light on how the mobilization of public opinion would create more awareness about development issues. They wanted the younger generation to be more involved in resolving international development issues and promote co-operation.

The world leaders launched the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development in 2016. There are 17 goals for sustainable development that aim to resolve societal, economic, and environmental problems. This step has urged developed and developing countries to adopt the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the betterment of their population and the planet. Here’s a list of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

1. End poverty in all its forms

2. End hunger and promote sustainable agriculture

3. Ensure good health and promote well-being among people of all ages

4. Provide quality education for everyone

5. Promote gender equality and women empowerment

6. Make clean water and sanitation available for all

7. Facilitate affordable and clean energy

8. Create decent work and economic growth opportunities

9. Build resilient infrastructure, enable sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation

10. Reduce inequalities in countries

11. Build sustainable cities and communities

12. Ensure responsible consumption and production

13. Take action to combat climate change

14. Conserve and use the oceans sustainably

15. Protect the ecosystem

16. Promote peace, justice, and strong institutions

17. Develop global partnerships for the goals

These goals are not meant only for the higher officials of the country to implement. Everyone shares the responsibility of addressing the development obstacles and taking appropriate measures to resolve the problems at hand. For instance, companies in energy-intensive sectors have started incorporating new carbon reduction targets. Substituting the use of conventional energy with renewable energy is one way to contribute to sustainable development. Also, businesses are adopting new gender equality and diversity policies after the SDGs were announced. The emphasis on ESG by internal and external stakeholders of companies has increased. The implementation of new policies by regulators is also helping in the swift adoption of the UN SDGs.

World Development Information Day 2021: How do people participate?

For an overall positive impact, development information has to be shared consistently on multiple forums. By using available platforms, we can share development information systematically. On World Development Information Day 2021, we can spread awareness through social media websites using #WorldDevelopmentInformationDay. Our message can indicate our commitment to the planet and society. This commitment will surely prompt others to incorporate and share development ideas as best they can.

Organizations and government officials in many countries organize seminars to discuss any new development information objectives. They may set short-term goals to ensure the smooth implementation of their plans. Involving the media is essential to portray the significance of World Development Information Day 2021. The media airs official interviews, impactful messages, and creative content relating to the Day and development information in general. We might also see coverage of local events and rallies held to mark the special day.

There may be some challenges in achieving the development goals owing to the lack of technology usage: Especially in countries that are still developing, many people are disconnected from critical information because of weak broadband or unstable digital infrastructure. They are not able to access social media and discuss important topics. The availability of information and communications technology is not available for a majority of the population. Tackling the development obstacles becomes more challenging in this scenario. In this age, where most activities are dependent on technology and online support, the lack of broadband provisions can be a significant hindrance.

World Development Information Day 2021: The opportunities

1. Understand the primary purpose:

In a world where disparate ideas of development and development information exist, we must observe a special day the world over. It reiterates the purpose of development information in global affairs. Governments in each country can support development by providing resources and motivation to the local population.

2. International co-operation:

There is a chance that countries would put aside their differences to contribute to the betterment of society together. They will consider more mutually beneficial ties for a sustainable future for all. The focus will not remain on fulfilling the monetary expectations alone.

3. Economic growth:

As a result of deeper international ties, the chances of economic growth are enhanced. The co-operation would lead to new trading relations and also help achieve the goal of sustainable industrialization. Supply chains will be more substantial. Furthermore, stable economies would enable global companies to conduct their operations favorably and with fewer cross-border hurdles.

4. Spread environmental development information:

Most people understand how and why the climatic conditions are changing in many regions. We read about the ice caps melting and global warming wrecking havoc for the agriculture sector. Although people know about these ill effects on the climate, they are unaware of how they can improve the conditions. When practical information is passed on through online forums or in the news on World Development Information Day 2021, we will see environmental targets being met.

5. Changed perception:

The perception regarding topics like education, diversity, or equality in many countries is different. With the sharing of development information and SDGs, many people will receive a list of the benchmark attributes beneficial for themselves and their country. Also, the information about sustainable agriculture, curbing habits like food wastage, and ways to end hunger would be helpful for many.

6. Assistance to developing countries:

Developed countries, global non-profit organizations, or international associations can assist developing countries in the form of guidance or financial support if they can. Many regions have unique needs that need to be understood before others can help resolve their development needs.

In conclusion,

Whether we participate in World Development Information Day 2021 online events or share messages on social media, we will be highly aware of how our actions impact other people and the planet. We do not know how many people we will reach by sharing World Development Information Day 2021 messages or voicing our opinion about important topics. But, we can certainly make an effort. It would not only aid others but also help us in implementing positive values in our daily life.

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