Hi Andrei, please tell us a little bit about your ‘backstory’? Any particular incident in your early days that ignited your passion for Marketing?

Andrei T

It all started with my passion for music performance and forming a music band back in secondary school. That’s when I first got introduced to marketing – both online & offline, as well as PR. I’ve done music marketing for the first few years of my “early” career as well as trying out a number of part-time jobs in marketing before finding my “calling” for the agency life 🙂 

You are currently the CEO & CMO at Marketiu, a Digital Marketing Agency. What motivated you to join the company? 
Andrei T

I’ve decided to launch the brand and start the company initially in London, UK, while finishing University. By that time, I had had the chance to work in multiple marketing roles, both client and agency side. Upon discovering my passion for entrepreneurship in 2013, I felt I could innovate further in this space, as well as give young professionals a chance to have a real impact, working in a modern environment and with cool clients. The vision was also to offer clients an improved, harmonized, and results-driven way of working with an agency (us, in this case) and make both sides truly happy – both my colleagues and clients. It felt a lot like an exciting adventure – and it’s surely been one ever since! 

As the world is finally coming out of the pandemic, how is your agency equipped to deal with what is to come next?
Andrei T

It was indeed an exciting time, but we committed to doing when we saw this coming because no matter what, to keep giving our clients the best support possible, have a flexible approach to everything, and focus on proactive content production. We’ve worked a lot on our brand and operations during this year, too, as we’ve more than doubled our team compared to last spring, so we are in a fortunate position now to be well prepared for an increased number of interested clients. We’re still actively recruiting and launching a number of very exciting projects this spring, so we see the following period as a time for pushing boundaries and enhancing our offering for both companies that seek robust and modern marketing support but also to professionals that seek to become marketing leaders and/or improve their skill set in the area. We focus on both “traditional” online marketing channels such as Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Performance marketing or SEO, but also new technologies and channels – a primary, more mainstream one being, for example, TikTok.

With your vast experience in global marketing roles, what, according to you, is the secret ingredient to marketing and advertising?  
Andrei T

I think it’s one of those topics where the saying “Nothing beats experience” definitely applies – but, luckily, the process of accumulating this experience, getting quality training, and advancing fast can be way quicker than in other industries. Pay attention to the consumer, get involved with marketing in different niches and industries to get context & a practical understanding, and then use creativity strategically, with a double dose of empathy, to achieve success!

Please tell our readers about your remote workplace technology suite.
Andrei T

We currently work remotely 70-80% of the time – this used to be 100% for many months last year. We count a lot on internal communications systems as well as task management platforms, but we are still working through achieving a perfect stack from an operational point of view. 

Your portfolio is exploding with your creative ventures. From authoring #1 Bestselling Digital Marketing Book to playing guitar professionally for over ten years, you seem to have done it all. As impressive as it is, it leaves us with the question – How do you manage it all?
Andrei T

Ah, I wish I still had the time to play my guitars as much and often as I used to 6-7 years ago! As with everything, I’d say it’s a matter of prioritization. Most of us won’t be able to do everything at once and be great at it – but we will often manage to do two things simultaneously very well if we keep focused and well organized. I think something that I’ve always found myself doing ever since I was a child practicing sports is I found one thing I liked, and before waiting to see how “talented” I was at it, I was committing myself to it and do it to the best of my ability. It’s always about putting your heart and soul into what you do. Music was enjoyable and rewarding, and it’ll always keep a special spot in my heart – but with Marketing… this was probably the only time in my life when, the moment I started, I felt I was already “getting it right.” When I decided to take it seriously, that’s when the gates started to open. 

But to answer your question – the “secret” I think is managing time and priorities extremely well, while working laser-focused on each task.

How has been your interaction with other CEOs and CMOs in the MarTech industry? What do they sound like, and has there been any exciting lesson you learned during these conversations?
Andrei T

I’ve certainly learned so much from so many people in the industry over the past 12 years! 

I’ll always stay grateful for the opportunities I was offered both in my early as well as later in my career! I’ve particularly interacted well with positive people who cared about their teams and brought a real plus to the industry they were part of. I’ve learned a lot from some of my managers in my early days, not only in terms of training & mentorship I have received but also from being entrusted with what at certain times seemed way more than I thought I could handle and being able to push through mentally imposed limits – or by being showed how important being a good person really is in business and caring for the people around – leaving money, fame, and glam aside. I’ve connected with many fresh, bright, innovation-oriented minds and just super cool individuals, and I’m looking forward to days coming (hopefully) soon when we’ll be able to meet at events and get the room energy back up again!

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