Hi Arjun, please tell us about your ‘backstory’? Any particular incident in your early days that ignited your passion for Technology and Innovation?


I started as a Java and Mainframe Developer and spent a fair share of time in front of the black-and-green screened CRT monitors. There wasn’t a specific incident that led me to where I am. I’d always wanted to learn new technologies and take technology to the next level. My experience working in mainframe and black screens made me think that something else can make this easier. Working toward that idea got me into the low-code world. I started learning and developing software using low-code platforms and saw it as a mark of the shift from the traditional world to the modern era.

I used low-code platforms as an orchestration layer and built software on top of old platforms and thus began my career in the low-code hyperautomation space. Now, it has been a decade in this field with an undying passion for taking hyperautomation to the next level.

Please describe your role at Vuram, and what have been the top 3 challenges that you faced ever since you took on the position? 

I’m the Senior Vice President of Services and Operations at Vuram. Though I’m still a software developer by heart, at Vuram, I don two hats of being a technology and operational growth leader.

One of the challenges I faced was finding the right skills to cater to our growth. We had to make sure that we were giving our people the same care and attention when we were less than ten people in the company; we also had to make sure that every individual in the company is continuously learning at every level. 

2020 was a very different year. The biggest challenge was making sure that all our customers are supported. They are getting extra value for the money they spend so that they can get additional ROI in a problematic year impacted by COVID. We think we achieved the same with 100% customer satisfaction. 

As the Senior Vice President, Professional Services & Operations (Americas) at Vuram, what type of unique customer experience does your team promise to provide?

Vuram’s founding principle is to realize the dream of creating the happiest & best healthy workplace where passionate hearts and creative minds can come together to redefine services and provide ingenious solutions. This radiates into the way we approach our customers. Though we’ve been maintaining 100% customer success and 100% customer references, we are a company that grew through customer references more than marketing efforts, and we would like to stay the same. We continue to be a high-quality, trusted partner for our customers.

Vuram was recently ranked #60 in the Inc. 5000 Regionals’ list of the fastest-growing companies in Florida. What other milestone awaits Vuram in the coming five years? 

Five years is too long; our targets are more aggressive! We hope to be in the top 10 fastest-growing companies next year in Florida and get to the national list. At Vuram, these three fundamental values guide us every day: People, Customers & Society. We want Vuram to be the happy and nourishing workplace we already are! We’ve geared up our hiring efforts to become a 1000-member organization this year. Our CSR initiatives will continue to fuel our efforts of giving back to the community.

How has been your interaction with other SVPs in the IT industry? What do they sound like, and has there been any exciting lesson you learned during these conversations?

Yes, especially during a crisis like this, I’ve been observing how companies have been reacting and to learn how everyone is adapting to a very different world. A key lesson was that COVID has increased the importance of low-code automation. Most of the companies now have the basic infrastructure: high security, VPN, cloud software, etc., as most of the people, are working from home; this is the foundation for automation which is our business. This interested me and got me thinking about the potential of hyperautomation. One happy realization is that we retained all our people during this challenging time. In fact, we increased our people strength, and we are still hiring, which I see most companies are not.  

With your vast experience in developing technology-driven solutions, what do you think are the two emerging technologies that will shape the IT space in the next ten years?
  1. Democratization of AI – With the power of low-code and hyperautomation platforms, AI will be very simple to use and become increasingly popular. Users need not worry about training large datasets, GPUs, models, encoders, etc. They can simply download a pre-trained model, consume the AI models with simple drag-and-drop using widgets.
  2. A second trend we are acutely noticing is that certain technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Document AI combined with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are beginning to redefine how business processes are handled. We believe that several end-end processes such as Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, etc., will undergo a complete overhaul using hyperautomation as a lever.
Lastly, we would be thrilled to get your input on the topic of Hyperautomation and the transformative power it possesses.

Hyperautomation involves combining multiple complementary technologies to automate multiple business processes from end to end. The future of hyperautomation market looks highly positive. The pace at which companies—both large and small—are adopting hyperautomation is unprecedented. A report says that nearly 3 out of 4 large enterprises would be using low-code tools, not just one tool but at least four of them.  

With 3 out of 4 organizations adopting hyperautomation, the future of application development will squarely be based on hyperautomation platforms. Again, when we talk about productivity, we can expect an increase between 62-72% or ROI of 509% (when using Low Code); these numbers are hard to ignore for any CXO.

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