Hi Jason, how did you discover your passion for everything to do with Fintech, Payment Processing, Crowdfunding, and Blockchain Technology?

Jason B

In the early 90’s I was involved with a project called WSN “The World Shopping Network,” which aimed to provide essentially what the internet does today, far before its time; this sparked my interest in the world or the internet and payments “Fintech” as we now call it. Around 2010 I was in the traditional merchant account/payments business as well as had a company that incubated startups and found crowdfunding as a great solution to help kickstart ideas. In 2015 I started consulting the founders of CoinPayments, who really emerged me into the entire crypto and blockchain industry.

Can you talk about your role as CEO of CoinPayments, a leading digital currency payment solution?
Jason B

For sure, CoinPayments was initially started in 2013 to enable the ability to accept crypto as a form of payment. As mentioned earlier, I initially started with mentoring the founders and soon after that became more actively involved with heading up the global operations.  Today I continue to head up the direction of the business and guide our overall operations while being supported by a fantastic team of people spread around the world.  We continue to grow and expand services while staying true to the goal of making the process of accepting crypto readily.

How are you seeing the blockchain-fintech partnership model across the globe play out?
Jason B

With global regulatory changes, we are starting to see what has been expected for years.  We are beginning to see the support of crypto everywhere including governments, central banks and global financial service provider which are all either developing their blockchains in the house or partnering with the powerful tech platform providers which have established themselves like IBM or RIPPLE and or even at times newer tech groups like XINFIN.

Technology research company D-Core, recently unveiled its latest analysis, which predicted CoinPayments to remain the leading crypto payments processor in 2026. What tech innovation awaits CoinPayments in the next five years that will change the shape of the industry?
Jason B

We have so much currently been worked on and expecting to roll out.  I would say these include great partnerships with global financial service providers and technology providers, which will continue to help us ensure accepting crypto as a form of payment is easy and affordable.

Being a serial entrepreneur, what were your most significant failures, and what did they teach you?
Jason B

Well, first, I would say the most important element is that there have never been failures, simply lessons learned, which continued proved to me that each lesson was to provide an opportunity to enhance future opportunities of solving problems and potentially helping others see the potential challenge. The closest to a failure may be where I didn’t learn from the situations and didn’t ask for help when I could have.

In your thirty years of experience building global businesses across diverse industries and ever-changing financial markets, what have been your most extensive observations surrounding the changing payments landscape?
Jason B

I would say by far the biggest observation is that everything is constantly changing, that supporting collaboration, new ideas, innovations and concepts unknown have been critical in reaching where we are today so I believe we should all continue to support creative ideas, support new innovation and continue to be open to change.

Expert’s Advice: Time Magazine’s March 2021 edition describes fiat currency as dead. What are your thoughts on the same? Is it really over?
Jason B

I don’t believe FIAT is dead; I do believe physical paper money is on its way out for sure. Digital “Money” or digital forms of payment have far out ways physical money “value” exchange long ago. In fact, in some markets, paper money is hardly even accepted anymore. The digital payment platforms today facilitate the majority of transactions and exchange of value. With the launch of stable coins and central bank digital currency “CBDCs” such as the British coin soon to launch and the Chinese product we are about to see global disruption and the removal of physical notes. This being said, I don’t see the end of FIAT.

Lastly, if you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
Jason B

Well, for all the soon to be entrepreneurs and or anyone I have supported in the past, they will know I strongly suggest that the first step in doing anything is to release the fear and take action, follow your ideas, your dreams, and your passion. Fear can limit the opportunity to change, and yet there is no growth without change.  

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