Hi Lilia, Can you tell us a bit about your “backstory”? 



I graduated from Oxford University with a major in Financial Strategy. I am a professor at Zigurat Business School, Barcelona, Spain, teaching blockchain, fintech, fundraising, and Digital Transformation FI/CO and serve as an Expert Evaluator Horizon 2020 of the EU Commission.

Finance was my first career choice, as I love numbers. However, it was the world of business that was most attractive to me. Auditing someone’s financial statements were ok as a start but building a business from scratch is an entirely different experience. Of course, the shift from a salaried employee to an entrepreneur didn’t happen overnight. It took about ten years to progress from auditor at EY to GM & CFO at Skrill to Director PTP at Coca-Cola, and finally, become the CEO of my own business. 

You bring in a plethora of experience from Fintech, Strategy, and Management. What motivated you to start Transformify? 

So it all started in 2013 when I was the director at a Fortune 500 company and was involved in the business transformation process. During my time there, I saw how lots of people lost their jobs due to automation, and it was clear that everyone would benefit from a solution that provides equal access to jobs and secure payment no matter the location. And that’s why Transformify was born. It started as a Freelance Management Platform offering remote jobs and soon became the recruiter’s one-stop-shop. From Employer Branding to candidate sourcing to ATS to Diversity Hiring to billing and payments, it’s all that a hiring manager may need.

Tell us how the spread of Coronavirus has impacted your organization? And what steps have you taken to overcome the challenges?

Transformify is an all-remote company, we never had an office, so the transition to shift all work into the home had no impact on our operations. Most of our clients are as active as before. However, their preferences have shifted more towards our Freelance Platform, Employer Branding, and Lead Generation solutions versus the ATS, which was the product of choice before the coronavirus outbreak.

Given the uncertain environment, we have implemented cost optimization strategies in different areas. Like we reviewed, the ROI (return on investment) of the marketing campaigns across different marketing channels to retain only those channels that are delivering results is the next step.

What lessons have you learned in managing your company during the COVID-19 predicament?  

During this period, our focus was more on providing value to our client and revenue generation. Our strategy was to focus on the products that add the most value to our customers in the current situation, put on hold all non-essential features and product enhancements, and increase the marketing budget across our top-performing marketing channels.

Put simply, the main objective was to make sure that the ends meet and the company stays in business no matter the circumstances.

We hear that Transformify has recently launched a sustainable remote jobs initiative. What else can be expected from the company in the next five years, any upcoming projects?

Transformify has launched Sustainable Remote Jobs Initiative to tackle unemployment amid the covid19 outbreak. Over the years, we’ve been giving back to society, and that’s what we are doing in times of uncertainty. As thousands of small businesses have struggled during the lockdown, people living in rural areas and small cities across the globe will need more access to temporary remote jobs for the coming months. Transformify HR Suite enables job search, provides information about the transferable skills of the job seekers as well as secure payment transfers to people in need worldwide. We’ve never charged job seekers a fee for using our technology and made our services and HR software solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes.

We have expanded to 150+ countries in less than three years without any external funding. Asia and the Middle East are our focus as these are fast-growing developing markets with huge potential.

Please tell our readers about your remote workplace technology suite. Any piece of advice for our young entrepreneurs and budding professionals, hoping to make a mark in the tech industry?

Transformify is an all-remote company. Working from home, a coworking office or a café is the norm for us. More and more companies are open to remote working arrangements. It’s a win-win for everyone as people commute less, have a better work-life balance, and are more productive, while the businesses benefit from access to global talent. 

For all the young entrepreneurs out there, I would say just stay focused. While in business, it’s easy to get discouraged by looking at how advanced your competitor is. Being focused on what you do best builds your strength.

One sentence that describes your work ethic?

“It is not the fear that should drive your decisions, but your inner confidence.’’

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