Sharon, how did you become so passionate about Marketing? What made you pick this profession?


My passion for marketing really came from understanding how great storytelling could influence people. Great stories told by marketers inspire, convince, connect, and often transport audiences. Marketing is a powerful tool that can shift perception and create new opportunities with a word choice, image, or music. Marketing permeates every aspect of our lives, and I wanted to be a part of that process and tell impactful stories that could add value to people’s lives.

Marketing is a superpower, and I wanted to be a practitioner that could change the world.

You recently joined Jellyfish as its first global Chief Marketing Officer. How challenging and different has been this role from other experiences you’ve had in your positions at companies like Microsoft and Deloitte? 

Joining Jellyfish as its first global Chief Marketing Officer has been amazing. My goal is to build the Jellyfish brand globally and showcase how we partner with clients to support their success in digital transformation. Our depth and breadth of capabilities deliver an unparalleled level of expertise across a broad spectrum of marketing and technology needs. Similar to my roles at Microsoft and Deloitte, building and maintaining strong relationships is core to my role. As a CMO, I am always looking to share best practices and work with leaders in the industry to provide solutions to the most pressing business problems and drive higher levels of marketing excellence. I am energized to elevate the Jellyfish brand and accelerate its growth.

As businesses around the world are finally coming out of the lockdown-phase, how is your company armed to deal with what is to come next?

Jellyfish is comprised of digital natives, and we have always been at the forefront of digital transformation. Agility is woven into our culture. We have always focused on creating a work environment that supports growth, innovation, and empowers our staffers to own their careers and focus on outcomes. Our focus on training and readiness both internally and with our clients and partners allows us to meet any challenge and adapt successfully. Our business is organized to be flexible and consistent across all global markets. With an operational framework that is both scalable and repeatable, we meet the needs of our clients across the globe, wherever they are in their digital journey. No matter what comes next, we will embrace it with positivity and a solution oriented approach.

With your vast experience in multiple global marketing roles, what, according to you, is the secret ingredient to advertising that works for any-sized business? 

The secret to advertising that works for any sized business is relevance and value. Deliver ads that are relevant and add value to your targeted audience. When ads are relevant and valuable to the consumer experience, your message will be received. Ads should meet the consumer’s needs, whether it is to solve a problem, inspire them, or simply delight them.

Making a connection that is relevant and valuable is key.

We hear that Jellyfish has recently been awarded with the Google Cloud Training Specialization award. What other milestone awaits Jellyfish in the coming five years?

Most recently, Jellyfish was awarded the Marketing Analytics Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Program. We will continue to deepen our specializations across Google, Facebook, and Amazon. In the next five years, you will see Jellyfish further strengthen its expertise and credentials across all of the major hyperscalers and deliver market-leading solutions in key industry sectors, including retail, consumer packaged goods,

Finance and technology. We will also fortify our creative portfolio with new capabilities and solutions. The next five years will continue to be marked with expansion, growth, and world-class clients and partners.

Your work and participation in value-adding boards reflect your passion for inclusion and diversity. So, according to you, what is the best way a tech-enterprise can ensure inclusivity in the workspace?

The best way a tech-enterprise can ensure diversity and inclusion is to be intentional. Companies must develop plans that are supported by leadership with resources, budget, measurement, and transparency that drive an inclusive culture. All of the processes and systems need to be aligned to encourage and promote inclusivity. Ensuring that behaviors promote a diverse and inclusive culture requires commitment and diligence.

Any advice for future marketers?

For any future marketer, I have three guiding principles – be curious, say thank you, and always follow-up. Marketing is a profession that requires skill, experience, and perspective. Develop your writing skills because they will always be in demand. Be a student of the world and observe everything around you through travel. No experience is ever wasted, so seek out the unfamiliar and take risks. The best marketers live interesting lives and bring those experiences into their work. 

And don’t forget to have fun in the process!

Disha Bhattacharya is a seasoned content writer prolific in engaging the customer with her content in any given realm of writing. With 6 years of Freelance Content Writing and 3 years of Marketing Management experience up her sleeve, she believes in transforming businesses with her well-researched, SEO-based, innovative content. A story-teller at heart and a perfectionist by nature, she rolls out informative content with a personal touch that provides an entertaining read to the audience.

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