3xLOGIC, Inc., a leader in integrated, intelligent security solutions, has released a new mobile phone app for its VIGIL CLOUD video management platform. Thanks to the interactive mobile app, activities like viewing a video, case management, browsing, and reacting to alerts are all available in the palm of your hand.

VIGIL CLOUD extends the award-winning VIGIL Video Management System to the cloud, with advancements designed to take advantage of cloud services’ power, expandability, and ease of use. VIGIL CLOUD, based on 3xLOGIC’s 20+ years of expertise in recording and managing video, introduces new paradigms in physical security through a robust Case Management system that allows consumers to effortlessly and quickly share critical insight with each other.

Users can now access VIGIL CLOUD from anywhere, anytime, on any device, and instantly navigate through the solution’s most essential features thanks to the new mobile app. Whether you’re on the premises or not, you’ll be able to connect and collaborate easily.

Everyone has grown accustomed to doing almost anything from their mobile devices in an increasingly mobile society, and the new VIGIL CLOUD mobile app broadens this ability to the video management system, asserted Bill Hobbs, VP of Global Sales at 3xLOGIC. The app allows customers to leverage the full power of VIGIL CLOUD by using a familiar interface and commands to view and act on live and recorded video and much more, no matter where they are.

Bookmarking specific cameras for quick access, sorting and viewing the video by location, and reviewing and responding to alerts are just a few of the things users can do from the app’s main screen. The app has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes video review and navigation a breeze.

About 3xLOGIC

For customers worldwide, 3xLOGICTM is a pioneering innovator and supplier of security hardware, software, and cloud-based solutions that drive business intelligence. By mining data and converting it into actionable insights – for better visibility and unique approach on difficulties enterprises didn’t even know they had – 3xLOGIC’s solutions go beyond security to deliver transformational business value.

For more information, visit http://www.3xlogic.com/

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