Acctivate Inventory Management Software continues to help the small manufacturers, distributors, and online retailers to grow their businesses with the assistance of powerful, easy-to-use inventory and order fulfillment tools and sophisticated business intelligence. It announces Version 11 and offers SMBs across a wide span of industries a next-generation approach to inventory and business management. The updates will help the users to navigate, find information, and make decisions. Acctivate is created by Alterity.

The critical components of Acctivate’s user experience enhancements come with the introduction of Lists and Timelines. Acctivate’s new List windows are the navigational jumping-off points for users, that provides advanced, smart search and filtering ability, to make it easier and faster than before to pinpoint critical information across your entire business. Acctivate’s new Timelines for customers, products, orders, vendors, and business activities provide historical, consolidated snapshots of pertinent information such as invoices, transactions, payments, alerts, statuses, notes, tasks, and email communication.

Dakota May, Sales and Marketing Director at Alterity, Inc. explained that “In our current landscape, the collection of massive amounts of data isn’t enough. Quickly making sense of that data will be crucial to your business’s success. Connecting the relationships you build with your customers, and how those customers then interact and buy the products or services will allow you not just to meet, but exceed their requirements and expectations. Acctivate’s unique fusion of CRM and Operational data will allow your business to predict better how you should interact with your customers, offering the right products at the right time with the information they expect.”

As the new user experience changes, other features are being introduced through Acctivate Version 11 which are all equipped with enhancing efficiency, boosting productivity, and streamlining activities across the entire operations. The growth of small businesses brings new sets of challenges. The updated version offers the tools which are necessary to ease growing pains and help SMBs compete quickly and successfully in broader markets.

Acctivate’s concentrates on supporting small businesses which has led them to introduce better tools to manage large volumes of orders across complex warehouses. Brian Sweat, CEO of Alterity, Inc clarifies that with the start of the new warehouse layout editor and intelligent picklists, one can scale business to process thousands of orders with ease while sustaining the growth and retaining the flexibility to function in an ever-changing world.

About Activate

Acctivate Inventory Management Software for QuickBooks® is an extremely scalable, yet easy-to-use solution which delivers advanced business features for sales, inventory, purchasing and decision-making. It enables small to mid-sized distributors, manufacturers, and online retailers to stay competitive in an ever-growing industry with immerging capabilities, i.e., lot and serial number traceability, landed cost, multi-currency, multiple warehouse and location control, mobile warehouse management, EDI, eCommerce integration and more. Created by Alterity, Inc., Acctivate is the fastest-growing provider of inventory and business management solutions.

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Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date April 7, 2020

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