AEGIS Energy Risk (“AEGIS”), the industry leader in providing fintech and advisory solutions for energy derivatives, recently announced the appointment Emily McLean, an expert in marketing, communication, and energy as Director of Marketing to enhance client involvement.

This step was taken as a result of AEGIS’ plan to extend their offerings to a wider range of people and continue to evolve with the ever-increasing requirements of the commodity and market.

Emily’s previous work with PTW Energy Services (“PTW”) resulted in their expansion in the United States. Before joining PTW, she invested more than a decade exploring various marketing roles within the oil & gas industry. Her experience with brands such as Quorum Business Solutions, Halliburton and BJ solutions led her to gain deep insight about customer engagement and constructing brands that would stand the test of time. 

Addressing their recent appointment, CEO of AEGIS, Bryan Sansbury stated that there has never been a stronger case of hedging commodity and rate risk in the market ever before and Emily, being the talented individual she is, would be an asset to the company in regards of making sure that the company reaches the producers and users that are likely to benefit most. 

Talking about her brand new role, Emily Mclean said that she is ecstatic to assume the position and carry the brand to the highest of heights. With her being involved in the energy industry for the entire length of her career, she has seen how AEGIS built up an innovative array of products. She believes that the enterprise’s commitment towards their customers as well as their expertise is what truly sets them apart as the industry leader and she is ready to take charge and expand the company within and outside of the energy sector. 


Founded in 2013, AEGIS Energy Risk fintech and advisory solutions provider for energy derivatives. It has been recognized by the Energy Risk Magazine as the Hedge Advisor of the year for the last 3 years. Having more than 150 oil and gas units manufacturing over 2.4 million BOE/d, the scale and cognizance provided to their clients via their platform are unparalleled in the industry. 

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