Affinio, the global leader in graphics analytics platforms, has recently announced that it is integrated into the Data Cloud creator, Snowflake, to enable companies to receive the necessary answers to their business issues without copying, moving, or sharing raw data. The companies together provide unparalleled data discovery capabilities that allow organizations to adapt and thrive in a compliant work environment with PII data. Snowflake’s secure data sharing capability, combined with Affinio ‘s graphics technologies, creates a two-in-one solution from Affinio’s Graph Analytics and Matchmaker.

Affinio ‘s Analytics provides a solution to business issues related to KPIs, campaign performance, and strategic decisions for every Snowflake user, with or without a technical background, and without ever having to deal with raw data. Typically, these questions may take weeks or months to get answers, but with Affinio, users can find answers to their most pressing business questions with just one request. Also, Affinio’s Analytics enables users to analyze cross-departmental data without exposing, moving, or copying PII by using secure Snowflake data sharing.

Affinio’s matchmaker helps data customers to make faster decisions about potential partners while addressing privacy concerns. Data providers can leverage Affinio’s matchmaker to raise awareness of the data offering without disclosing their raw data. Together, Snowflake customers can unlock responses in large data sets and quickly detect internal or external providers’ overlaps through its two-in-one solution.

Matt Glickman Snowflake VP Customer Product Strategy, Data Marketplace, said that they are proud to announce that Affinio Graph technology is integrated with the Snowflake Platform. The Snowflake Data Marketplace solution accelerates the secure sharing of internal and external data, compliant and efficient data business value.

Tim Burke, CEO of Affinio, said that they are pleased to work with Snowflake on a new privacy-centric SaaS product standard. Its program allows data-driven enterprises to fulfill their promise without moving, copying, or disclosing private data at the low level. This will increase the value of their data investment across new business units for Snowflakes customers.

About Affinio 

Affinio is a company that uses custom graphics technology to understand trillions of big data connexions. AI segmentation and visualization technologies from Affinio place AI’s power at the forefront of corporate users around the world, enabling them to discover unique insights that drive winning corporate decisions.

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