Adline, an Oslo based SaaS company that aims to streamline digital marketing and advertisement, and remove the daunting task of tracking different platforms separately for detailed analysis and an overview of successful marketing. Funded by 5 million NOK in recent investments, this one stop shop device is now expected to take the Nordic and foreign markets by storm.Adline is suitable for everyday marketers or business owners, marketing teams or agencies who are looking for an easy digital marketing system – from analysis to traffic transformation. All designed to help brands get targeted exposure and brand recognition.

Adline’s mission is to simplify digital marketing and make it easy and available to everyone.An easy-to-use marketing tool, the ADLINE app is sponsored by Elena’s virtual AI support company to direct you and advise on the best practice for effective marketing. Depending on the number of visitors and the scale from beginner to designer, a simple price guideline enables all companies in SMBs to adjust accordingly.With its powerful virtual AI support Elena, it can help drive more traffic and conversions by optimizing your whole customer journey by helping you schedule calls. It can optimize your customer journey. It can avoid the bottlenecks in your marketing.

Without the need of complicated reports and Google Analytic specialists, you can do your marketing without any guesswork as this is Artificial Intelligence.Budgets are important in today’s marketing world and the related allocation, productivity and conversion are essential to keep the game ahead. With a superficial dashboard telling the whole customer story and profiling, the audience can closely observe the behavior of your audience, cost per acquisition on your advertising and where you need to step in for more conversions. 1000 + media sites and 4 advertisement channels all under one roof, simplifying the whole process and allowing for changes to be made when required.

It is Fast, available, secure, transparent and cost effective.According to the newly assigned CEO of Adline, Carl Wilhelm Vedvik;  Adline are going through changing times and we believe that 80% of the before laborious manual digital tasks can now be automated by algorithms. The mission at Adline is to make digital marketing easier and more efficient. Even if, you’re just a beginner with marketing, or you’re a specialist who just wants to work faster and better. Adline is very easy to use and is the next generation of DIY digital marketing.Adline is offering its first 200 clients a free campaign set up and digital strategy advice, to help clients during the difficult times due to COVID-19.

About ADLINE: 

Adline is an all-in-one marketing platform helping businesses drive more traffic and conversions easily. Powered by Elena, Adline’s AI Digital Specialist gives recommendations on how to optimize marketing without hiring costly experts.

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