The fight against COVID-19 can be won by maintaining social distance. As economies are gradually re-opening globally the responsibility is even higher to maintain it. AI Hub Singapore has developed an AI application that turns a ubiquitous device, to make it easier for more businesses and people to monitor social distances. A mobile phone as a social distance monitoring tool! Dubbed SafeDistancer, a creative application uses AI and computer vision to detect people in the camera frame of the phone and track the distance between them in real-time. The application can send alarms when people get too close to each other to highlight the violations.

Director of Ecosystem at AI Hub Singapore, Chong Choo said that as the customers and partners of them are looking forward to going back to their workplaces, they are happy to help them do it safely and responsibly.

The “AI at the edge” system uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect people in the image. The results are then processed with on-device data analysis to alert people when they get too close to each other. Maintaining the safe distance is the key concern of the computer vision AI systems. SafeDistancer addresses this in two ways. First, all processing is done on the device, so there is no transmission of images across the network-the mobile phone can be used without network connectivity. Second, the system is designed not to recognize faces or store images on the device. SafeDistancer is currently started rolling out with key partners as businesses prepare to resume normal operations. Aside from running on a mobile phone, the ability to integrate with the existing enterprise infrastructure also exists.

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Headquartered in Singapore, AI Hub International provides solutions that make it easy for companies and start-ups to tap into powerful AI capabilities. Customized AI solutions can be quickly deployed by tapping AI Hub product suites – SmartVision, SmartLanguage and SmartPrediction – to enhance business innovation.

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