With the announcement of a partnership between two leaders DataRobot, in Enterprise AI and InterSystems in information technology platforms for government, business and healthcare applications, the application of AI gets a much needed momentum. This partnership, which is an integration and reseller agreement, will streamline and ease the integration of insights and predictions from DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform for InterSystems Healthcare applications customers.

The Journey from data to value throughout the AI lifecycle will be automated by the use of DataRobot Enterprise AI Platform enhancing the user’s experience. This integrated AI platform with InterSystems data platform for health will be the pioneer platform designed to extract value from data.

According to Bill Hobib, SVP of Marketing, DataRobot, mentioned that it was the right time as AI is the next frontier and Healthcare Industry is prime as this disruption would benefit patients, payers and providers. Also making it easier for users to leverage AI’s power, delivering improved patient experience and care in a more cost efficient way.

InterSystems ‘IntegratedML a capability that allows developers access to AutoML capabilities straight from SQL, will be augmented by DataRobot’s Enterprise AI Platform. This would help InterSystems IRIS & IRIS for health customers use predictions that can be embedded in their existing applications in a simplified, scalable manner which would be intuitive in nature. The technology further simplifies data acquisition, normalization and other data wrangling with the simplification of the entire AI process, modelling, engineering, deployment accelerating the delivery and time value of ML/AI capabilities in real time, all by the means of the integration with DataRobot’s technology.

“DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform is a natural extension across all InterSystems deployments using our IntegratedML, both in healthcare and also in other industries,” said Scott Gnau, head of Data Platforms for InterSystems. “This enables developers to easily include machine learning and AI extensions, creating real-time enhanced decisions and analytics for their applications. It makes operations robust as well. IntegratedML is built into InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health – a secure and reliable platform that runs many of the world’s most health-critical applications, and DataRobot brings in best-in-class MLOps.” 

Adding more credit to this collaboration, Joel Vengco, senior vice president and chief information officer at Baystate Health, mentioned that their focus is not only on the 800,000 patients in Western Massachusetts, but also to help advance healthcare around the world by turning data into insights and that the partnership is quite exciting as it would provide powerful tools to create state of the art and cutting edge technology.

About DataRobot:

Leading today’s Intelligence Revolution, DataRobot is a trusted partner for many organizations and enterprises when it comes to AI Technology and ROI enablement services. Since its inception their focus has been on delivering AI at scale and optimizing performance over a period of time. Their proven track speaks volumes of their success in driving better outcomes for businesses with AI.
For more insight on DataRobots,

visit : https://www.datarobot.com.

About InterSystems:

Powering some of the world’s most critical applications in industries such as healthcare, business, government and various other sectors, InterSystems, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts has been a strategic technology provider since 1978. With its global presence and its software products being used by millions, makes it a force to be reckoned with.

Want to know more, Visit : InterSystems.com

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Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date March 26, 2020

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