QJumpers, the innovative recruitment software provider, released its new product, AI Talent Sourcing. This new tool utilizes publicly available information and artificial intelligence to Search and engages with qualified job candidates that were nearly impossible to find through traditional sourcing and advertising strategies.

AI Talent Sourcing is a branch of another product released two years ago into the QJumpers Applicant Tracking System (ATS). QJumpers has launched a new and improved version that can be used independently of the ATS as their client’s demands have increased.

Recruiters can put up a job description into the AI Talent Sourcing tool and let the Artificial Intelligence explore its candidate search specification. After this process, AI Talent Sourcing presents a list of candidates categorized by how well they perfectly fit the search criteria.

Candidate profiles are developed by mixing information from generally available information, such as networking sites, social media platforms, company websites. These candidate results can be refined further by providing more specifications on preferences such as location, skills, education, and years of experience.

Simon Oldham, QJumpers Co-Founder, explained that by separating AI Talent Sourcing into its product and building extra advancements, they can now offer value in the market by helping staffing agencies and clients anywhere on the globe.

About QJumpers

QJumpers is a mobile-friendly job application, job requisition, customized workflows, and talent pool management platform powered by AI. The customizable workflows of QJumpers allow customers to tailor the software to their specific recruitment processes.

For more information on QJumpers, visit https://www.qjumpers.com/int/

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