Altamira recently announced the launch of a new social commerce platform that allows art fans, collectors, and investors to explore and purchase artwork from today’s top artists. Altamira has picked the best of Reddit, Instagram, and eCommerce and integrated them into one seamless experience created exclusively for art, according to Michael Facchinello, the company’s founder and CEO.

Talented artists are ripped off at galleries if they are even let in, and art connoisseurs, investors, and collectors must frequently count on black box third parties to find good art. Altamira addresses these challenges by enabling today’s top artists to establish brand value and sell their work on a single, community-driven platform. Altamira also enables art lovers and collectors access to artists and allows them to interact and engage with them through votes and criticism, which benefits both the artist and the buyer. The platform allows artists to set their own prices and profit margins while also growing their brand and following.

Altamira is well positioned to benefit from the expanding trend of online art sales. Between 2013 and 2019, global online art sales increased from $3.1 billion to $6 billion, according to Art Basel and UBS. By 2020, the figure had risen from $6 billion to $12 billion. As millennial collectors grow and spend more money on art, they now account for more than 69% of acquisitions exceeding $1 million.

The Altamira platform is simplistic. Patrons come to the website to vote for their favorite pieces, offer feedback, and buy the ones they like. When collectors receive their artwork, they can upload a snapshot of it to their Altamira account to add to the story. If collectors wish to resell the piece again, they simply change the status of the listing back to active, knowing that a portion of the resale price will go to the original artist.

Altamira not only simplifies the purchasing procedure for the consumer, but it also simplifies the selling process for the artist. Not only do the artists earn nearly twice as much on royalty as they would in a regular gallery, but Altamira also provides packaging and shipping services. The artists just choose their preferred shipping option, and Altamira dispatches a team to collect, package, and ship the artwork from the artist’s studio.

Altamira is a fast growing idea and is expected to soon boom with business. The aim is to prioritize the artist and not the selling platform.

About Altamira

One of the first canvases for human expression was the cave walls of Altamira, Spain. Later, the archaeologists who unearthed them were filled with awe. is a platform for displaying and discovering art in the modern era. Altamira assists artists in developing their brand and selling their work without being overcharged. It allows art lovers, collectors, reviewers, and newcomers to find the best contemporary art every day. It primarily brings together artists, fans, and critics.

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