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Antier Solutions, an India-based full service Blockchain consulting firm, is launching the world’s first DeFi wallet, supporting Ethereum, TRON, and Binance Smart Chain DApps. The DeFi segment continues to expand rapidly, the total amount of digital assets locked up in the tools and protocols already reaching 36 billion dollars.

Antier’s wallet is a network-wide project to make decentralized finance more available. The DeFi crypto wallet can be easily incorporated into various DApps platforms such as compound, Aave, Cure, and Creator and provide peer-to-peer crypto exchange services. The wallet will also be available as a white label product for those interested in launching a DeFi solution.

Vikram R. Singh, Founder & CEO of Antier Solutions, addressed the company’s deep confidence in the role of Blockchain in finance. He commented that no platform is fully decentralized until it removes a centralized custodian, and this weakness afflicted most of the leading crypto items. They were inexperienced and didn’t wholly harness Blockchain’s potential.

DeFi has always been positioned to play a larger role in the decentralization of financial structures. Customers are increasingly selecting Antier because of our ability to forecast trends and act on them ahead of time, enabling us to respond quickly to market disruptions.

The DeFi wallet includes an HD Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum, ERC20 funds, and fiat on/off ramps that are simple to use. The user can integrate the wallet with crypto networks to provide a superior user experience, enabling several DeFi protocol creation services such as currency swapping, cashouts, yield farming, and staking.

Antier’s DeFi wallet solution would allow a new breed of investors to stake their assets and expand crypto earnings as the Proof-of-staking (PoS) mechanism gains wider acceptance with ETH 2.0. Additionally, this will help to improve asset liquidity across Ethereum-based platforms.

Wallets are becoming increasingly relevant as crypto investors flock to DeFi lending and investing platforms. Antier Solutions is excited to expand its DeFi DApp development experience for the world’s leading crypto ventures, retaining its credibility as a leading crypto wallet development company. Following the introduction of the DeFi wallet, the company is eager to release additional items for the new quarter.

About Antier Solutions

Antier Solutions is a full-service Blockchain consulting firm based in Mohali, India, with extensive consulting, growth, and promotion of enterprise-grade dApps. Antier Solutions has provided cryptocurrency exchange development, cryptocurrency wallet development, and crypto-friendly banking solutions besides asset tokenization, creative DeFi protocol, and custom blockchain development services for over five continents. GoodFirms and Clutch called the company one of the top 25 Smart Contract production firms in the world.

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