ARTCELS, the world’s first art investments digital platform, is set to introduce a Utility Coin named ‘ARTEM’. This release, which is a partnership with 4ARTechnologies AG and Assetyze AG, will allow secure trade, investment, and exchange among the members of all the three parties involved. The ICO of ARTEM in Q1 2021 marks a prominent landmark in the development of ARTCELS, as the platform’s core value proposition is validated by positive trends across the art, Fintech, and crypto markets.

ARTCELS has offered investors unparalleled access to blue-chip modern art through their first official portfolio, ‘XXI’. The company was doing so with a system that eradicates investment risk and delivers state-of-the-art security using blockchain technology. ARTEM was developed in collaboration with Domo Fintech, a start-up specializing in providing Fintech and VR technology for the art marketplace.

Upon the launch, ARTEM will become the instrument for investment and payout transactions across the ARTCELS platform. Additionally, it can be converted into main currencies on Bittrex through the intermediatory cryptocurrency, 4Art Coin. In this manner, investors are afforded instant liquidity against the shares they own in ARTCELS’ portfolio.

The founders of ARTCELS, Elio D’Anna, and Gijs de Viet, are contemporary art gallerist and commodities trader. They both set out to form a platform that would allow the blue-chip art investments easily accessible to the budding art investors in the marketplace. ‘Love for art’ is the essence of the ARTCELS phenomenon that has seen the platform broker a unique initial portfolio, ‘XXI’.  The ‘XXI’ portfolio provides strong returns because of the market valuation trends and strategic brokerage by the ARTCELS team.

The complete process is automated via an in-built scanning feature, the 4Art iPhone app. Powered by a patented technology that digitizes every artwork for appraisal and authentication, the 4Art iPhone app is fully integrated with the ARTCELS app and is accessible to all members.


Founded in early 2020, ARTCELS was birthed by D’Anna, co-founder of HOFA, a gallery in London’s Mayfair area, and Gijs de Viet, a former commodities trader. The digital art platform lets investors buy shares of artworks for as low as £390 (US$500) per share.

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