There have been nine major data breach incidents in 2021 alone, amounting to over 230 million records with personally identifiable information (PII). These attacks are in addition to the high-profile Sonic Wall and Solar Winds incursions.

The frequency and sophistication of attacks are rising. According to Luis Otero, Chief Technology Officer at Athena Systems, if users don’t have world-class cybersecurity safety procedures, it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN an attacker will jeopardize the functions.

Mr. Otero further stated that being a SaaS company, they’ve always prioritized cybersecurity. Still, in recent months, their team has increased its effort to enhance its cybersecurity to maintain that their customers’ data is completely protected. They individually assessed their cybersecurity due to the threat and fear induced by recent breaches, highlighting that they maintain their technical dominance over their competitors and that their firm is deeply committed to the cybersecurity of the customers’ data.

As a result, the company earned a perfect score in a cybersecurity evaluation conducted by California-based Mountain View, UpGuard Inc., a complete third-party threat and security risk management platform.

According to UpGuard’s report card, Athena Systems achieved a score of 935 on a scale of 0 to 950. It is a distinction of more than 100 points from their closest competitor.

According to UpGuard, the security rating analysis for a domain or IP address is premised on number of individual checks that can be categorized into the following eight classifications:  Email security, phishing, and malware risks, website security, open port exposure, intelligent security questionnaire results, domain hijacking risks, reputational risks, and credential management, are all concerns that need to be addressed.

Its empirical and impartial nature anticipates the purpose of this assessment. As they state, “no commercial agreement, or lack thereof, allows an organization to improve its security rating without enhancing its overall security.”

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Athena is the primary solution for investment decision support and automation. Leaders and prime brokers can use Athena’s complete front office and back office features to ensure that their trading and portfolio management processes operate efficiently. Athena, which is used by more than 50 companies worldwide, uses cutting-edge technology to focus on providing Portfolio Analytics, Risk, P&L, Compliance, Order Management, and Accounting, all while providing unrivaled security, control, and integration. Athena has offices in Boston, New York, Ho Chi Minh City, Madrid, Austin, Texas, Málaga, and Vietnam.

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