ATL Communications and Referit announced on March 18, 2020, about signing an agreement to merge and jointly form Proxona, Inc. ATL Communications is a leading US-based SaaS provider of neutral toll-free number management, number administration, and local number porting solutions and innovation. It will carry operations, client success, marketing, and sales passion, experience, and fortitude into Proxona. Referit, on the other hand, is committed to bringing the vital application and central database designs, development, along with implementation, integration, and cloud expertise, and personnel to the new entity of Proxona.

Proxona is the vertex of two technology-based, innovative companies. ATL Communications and Referit, are made of telecommunications and information technology experts. They both are equipped to capture global Telecommunications Software, Information Technology, and Telecommunications Infrastructure market share.

Referit’s Chief Technology Officer, Michel de Gronckel, said, “We hold relationships in high regard, whether they be with our employees, customers, partners, or vendors. Both of our businesses put their employees first, and ATL, like us, are dreamers. They challenge traditional thinking and uncover new possibilities which positively impact the industries that they operate in. Sharing in this purpose, this reason for existing, Proxona will drive necessary change and propel industries forward.”

Jon Wolf, ATL’s Chief Marketing Officer said “We don’t just build a solution – we design the future; what innovation aspires to be”. He believes Proxona will bring businesses, regulators, operators and governments, closer to technology.

Mark Bilton-Smith President and COO of ATL Communications said while talking about the similarities of these two companies, that both the companies share the same feeling of taking care of the employees first which eventually bring happier customers that will lead to happier shareholders. Referit choose to surround themselves with learning leaders who are driven by the desire for personal and professional growth. Their core values define and guide them, same as ATL’s, and their unwavering commitment to these values breathes life into the new company’s culture.

Proxona is getting a solid backdrop which is backed by Toll-Free Disaster Recovery facility, which serves over 300 customers using their solutions. The central database solutions for customers is available in more than 20 countries. More than 500,000,000 people indirectly use the number portability technology ATL has developed for customers, the development of platforms process over 500,000 transactions per hour. The emerging company offers Number Portability, central Equipment Identity Registration (CEIR), SIM Registration, Process Optimization, Application Integration, Local Number Porting, Toll-Free Number Management & Disaster Recovery Solutions and so on.

About ATL Communications

ATL Communications is America and Canada’s first and largest independent, carrier-neutral, Responsible Organization, as well as the most technologically-advanced Service Bureau, managing millions of toll-free and local numbers. It is a leading US-based SaaS provider of neutral toll-free number management, number administration, and local number porting solutions and innovation for more than 25 years in the market now.

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About Referit

Referit, is a Netherlands-based information communications technology (ICT) specialist in cloud computing and in the business for over 10 years. ReferIT’s revolutionary software system leverages the influence of the trusted referrals of friends and harnesses the power of mobile marketing to ultimately increase the volume and quality of leads to companies and service providers.

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