AT&T* posted long-term objectives for bringing AT&T’s quick, efficient, and safe 5G to more customers, business owners, and first responders in critical areas including sporting events and venues, travel and transportation, business transformation, entertainment, and security, and public safety as part of its Analyst & Investor Day.

Jeff McElfresh, CEO – AT&T Communications, stated that for the past 140 years, connectivity has been at the core of what they are doing. They offer 5G network coverage that focuses on delivering speeds, safety, and lower latency connections that businesses and consumers require, from their fiber network backbone to the layers of wireless spectrum technology. AT&T has engaged more capital in the United States than any other public corporation in the last five years.

Between the years 2016 and 2020, AT&T invested more than $105 billion in the United States, which includes capital investments, spectrum acquisitions, and wireless operational activities. AT&T has decided to invest more in the United States than any public corporation in the last five years. Their 5G network now reaches 230 million people in 14000 towns and cities across the United States, and AT&T 5G+ is now accessible in parts of 38 cities in the United States.

They are well equipped to win because of their ability to leverage their unique variety of assets across Warner Media and AT&T, as well as their fiber and mobility capabilities. They won 80mhz of the spectrum and a 29 percent share of the accessible licenses in the latest C-band auction. They intend to begin deploying this mid-band spectrum at the end of this year and continue through 2022 and beyond. It will serve as a low-band complement to their countrywide 5G network, allowing them to offer faster connection speeds all across the country. Their spectrum combination will offer consumers the coverage, efficiency, safety, and speeds they expect, as well as the ability to deliver the experiences they value – across flexibility, fiber, and fixed wireless internet.

Consumers and businesses will benefit significantly from AT&T 5G, and mid-band and mobile edge computing will help them go even further. A multi-sided business model is beginning to emerge across 5G, edge computing, and various use cases ranging from medicine to gaming. Their mobile edge computing combined with the 5G network will help meet the demand for ultra-responsive channels and provide consumers and businesses with different choices. With their investments, they will take advantage of emerging innovations such as spatial computing to allow applications in various industries, ranging from manufacturing automation to immersive sports viewing.

About AT&T Communications:

AT&T Communications is part of AT&T Inc. Every day, they assist family, friends, and neighbors in making meaningful connections. At ATT they innovate to improve lives, from the first phone call 140 years ago to mobile video streaming today.

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