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Axcelinno, a global tech consulting company and reseller of cloud, middleware, and DevOps technologies, has been named a GitLab Certified Professional Services Partner (PSP) in the GitLab Channel Services Program. GitLab’s centralized DevOps platform helps customers simplify app creation, improve productivity, and shorten time to market. GitLab acknowledges Axcelinno’s experience and demonstrated performance in using GitLab’s framework to turn the DevOps lifecycle into a GitLab Certified PSP.

Axcelinno helps DevOps and DevSecOps teams worldwide with their approach, as well as GitLab deployment and migration. To offer GitLab technological expertise to their customers, Axcelinno must make their team gain accreditation. Axcelinno’s team has also earned competencies in GitLab Technical Core and Solutions Architect Core accreditations, in addition to being a GitLab Certified PSP.

Axcelinno’s General Manager and CEO, Farhan Hussain, believes that the Gitlab collaboration will improve their end-to-end DevOps services, allowing customers to move faster toward automation. Axcelinno is continuing to make substantial investments through strategic alliances, according to Hussain, to drive consumer acceptance of tools, methodologies, best practices, and outcomes.

Michelle Hodges, VP of global networks at GitLab, believes that to stay competitive in today’s market, businesses must transform and streamline their software development, management, and security processes. Hodges shared that the GitLab Channel Services Program equips a growing group of partners like Axcelinno with the utilities they need to expand the power of GitLab’s DevOps platform and provide the foundation for a prosperous and e-commerce company.

About Axcelinno

Axcelinno is a leading technology consulting company that also sells cloud, middleware, and DevOps software. Their passionate teams continue to use technology to help their clients become market leaders by embracing change, managing innovation, building solid foundations, and developing impactful digital skills as early pioneers of agile delivery and DevOps.

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About GitLab

GitLab is a web-based DevOps lifecycle platform developed by GitLab Inc. that includes a Git repository manager, wiki, issue tracking, and continuous integration and deployment pipeline functionality under an open-source license.

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