California-based Babak Kazemi, techno-innovator, blockchain expert, & entrepreneur, has launched Remotiq and Starz2u, two distinct platforms connecting the gaps between two distinct markets.

Remotiq is an easy-to-install, flexible online platform that offers businesses and individuals accessibility to fluid payment capabilities in coordination with crypto & fiat currencies. It resolves criticalities of present medium-sized businesses, SMEs, and Venture Builders. They want a specific but versatile touchpoint of payment management by linking their multiple company ledgers together in one consolidated payment processor having legacy and agility.

On the other hand, Starz2u is a platform that personalizes celebrities by enabling individuals to show their “dream” celebrity moments through a variety of requests. They can make requests to their favorite artists, athletes, speakers, influencers, & actors, all through a very luxurious, VIP look & feel. Although similar models exist, their functionality is minimal, and their focus is primarily on and for North American markets & personalities.

Both channels are the brainchild of Babak Kazemi, a future author, and advocate for innovative technology, who spent the past twenty years producing some of the largest entertainment events in the United States, Malaysia, Dubai, and Iran across multiple locations. Mr. Kazemi also spent a decade conceptualizing unique leadership preparation and learning structures amid that rich tapestry of events which he used as a marketer and mentor for his projects alongside those who brought him in as project consultant.

Mr. Kazemi said that Decentralised Digital Assets and Applications are the future of humanity’s more accessible life.

Remotiq and Starz2u are now the first of several more upcoming projects. Owing to his passion for exploiting revolutionary technology in ways that are out-of-box but impactful to the masses, Babak Kazemi & his group of companies have had their eyes and hands-on Blockchain for the last three years.

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