Beacon AI has recently launched a new service to deal with the threats being posed to the security of data. Since companies are exercising the option of remote workplaces more often due to COVID-19, Digital Forensics and Ethical Hacking services have been introduced by Beacon AI for document tracing and IP protection. Protecting company data and intellectual assets is vital in order to deal with the mounting threats of data theft. Sensitive company information and client data are especially vulnerable considering the minimal security protocols in place, with open WiFi usage and access of information from multiple machines. 

Companies are in the process of initiating applicable measures to protect their data assets and Beacon AI technology will further this cause by providing technology for testing and audit. Since the COVID-19 led to unpredictable circumstances and working conditions, many companies did not have the time to prepare resources and implement new security protocols for remote working. As a result, a very relaxed practice is being followed when it comes to network security, which could have an immense negative impact on businesses. There is a possibility of breach resulting from human errors as well, since the transfer of data is less than organized. 

Beacon AI’s technology will provide companies with the required tools to mitigate risks, such as theft of Intellectual Property and trade secrets. Moreover instances such as corporate espionage and insider trading can also be prevented. Niamh Parker, CEO, Beacon AI sheds some light on how the Ethical Hacking service will operate, Using our existing technology we scan the environment for vulnerabilities by penetration testing and to carry out data audit’s on confidential information.” She also confirmed that auditing confidential databases and trade secret documents would point out if the files have been shared, modified or deleted.

About Beacon AI

Beacon AI provide a range of user-friendly solutions using Artificial Intelligence. In the form of automated and innovative solutions, business needs are acknowledged, along with ensuring compliance to global privacy regulations. Beacon AI has been consistent with its efforts in transforming the data protection and data privacy landscape.

A Lockdown Gesture is being extended by Beacon AI for April and May 2020. Beacon AI is offering free Data Mapping and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) to companies who require support with their privacy. Email for details about the offer.

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