Bento for Business (“Bento”), the leading expense management platform offering a complete B2B payments solution for small and mid-sized enterprises, recently welcomed Guido Schulz as its new chief executive officer. This new appointment emerges as a result of Bento’s business plan to move the company to its next phase of growth, as more and more customers are coming forward to seek control over their monthly expenses and improve the flow of cash at a crucial stage.

Talking about his addition to the Bento workforce, Schulz, who has an in depth knowledge and experience in scaling technology companies, said, Bento for Business is responsible for orchestrating this unbelievably intuitive product which directly deals with the core cash flow and operational struggles faced by companies, these companies are the ones that are basically sitting at the driver’s seat of the country’s economy. And now, more than ever, cost reduction seems to be the foremost opportunity for the customers. 

Addressing the new appointment, Farhan Ahmad, Co-founder and Chairman, Bento, has stated that carrying the brand to the next phase of growth to further act as the economic backbone of various communities across the country has been a mammoth task and to continue its prosperous journey, taking Schulz onboard was a well calculated move given the fact that he has worked as the Chief Commercial Officer at Bluefin Payments systems and drove the technology-driven payments security division to its heights. 

With hundreds and thousands of customers relying on Bento for their expense management activities that include, eliminating cash leakage, improve monthly flow and avoid misuse, Bento for business has grown by an approximate rate of over 200% since its launch. The company has recently introduced Bento Pay, a B2B payment product that eliminates the requirement of paper checks for small and mid-sized companies.  Through the help of sharp insights and customer feedbacks, the year 2020 would see a lot of cutting edge product updates pioneered by Bento.

About Bento

Founded in 2013, Bento for Business is one of the leading platforms offering the most complete payment solutions for small and mid-sized companies. Bento’s financial operating platform lets the enterprises sanction physical and virtual payments information to people and systems all the while avoiding any kind of risk or security threat. Their goal is to offer companies with a robust financial operating platform so that they can transform their businesses and create value for their clients.

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