The decentralized cloud networks leader for communications services, Beowulf public ledger, has recently announced that it is delivering a new innovative business model for the whole technology suite, which allows users to enjoy free services with BWF coins.

Since its establishment, Beowulf has quickly become a leader in international video conferencing innovation, particularly for education and large conference centers with the most advanced video call quality. Beowulf offers unrivaled accessibility, such as “plug and play” simplicity, a single click connetion, and an innovative QR-code scan-to-call technology. Service providers such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams require monthly or annual payments for their services due to international payments that may pose significant challenges to several companies worldwide.

With Beowulf’s business model, the obstacle has completely removed. Users can now use services free of charge across Beowulf’s offerings to replace monthly payments for holdings of BWF coins and to avoid the complexity of managing multiple subscription plans. In addition, with this approach, BWF ‘s user holdings can appreciate over time and thus gain value rather than completely lose value in the service price model.

Dr. William H. Nguyen said that, whenever their basis for their products is significant, their products are linked through the holdings of BWF coins. Through blockchain co-ownership, users can now access their entire Beowulf technology suite free of charge and in the true spirit of a decentralized model.

QUICKOM by Beowulf has a number of services that allow users to host, participate, and enjoy unmatched cooperation, making it a next-generation video conferencing platform. The platform brought remote participants as if they were in the same room, so they efficiently took the distance from the classroom or the lecture. With a capacity of up to 5,000 participants, QUICKOM fulfills a comprehensive set of broad conferences, remote training, and teaching requirements.

Beowulf’s various collaborations prove the platform’s growing popularity by bringing together thousands of top partners and clients and serving millions of users. Some of them, such as multinational companies, government frontline organizations, world-renowned healthcare providers and universities, and a number of others, are looking for customized, ready-to-use communications products.

About Beowulf Blockchain

Beowulf is a decentralized B2B cloud communication network. In many sectors, including training, sanitation, finance, transport, and e-commerce, they offer transparency and solutions across all consumers and businesses, enabling them to provide their businesses with unhindered communication features.

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