The Adani Group, India’s fastest-growing conglomerate, is launching the Adani Prize for Social Enterprise, the country’s largest annual social prize, announced  Gautam Adani, Chairman of the Adani Group. The announcement was at the first-ever Green Talks, an Adani talk-series initiative to provide a platform for social entrepreneurs to share their thoughts and secure support for their work.

The Adani Prize for Social Enterprise will be bestowed on five exceptional social entrepreneurs for their impact in India and other developing countries starting in 2022. The Adani Prize will offer the five exceptional social enterprises with a total of Rs 5 crores in investment. An international panel of distinguished individuals from various fields of expertise, including science, business, and governance, will choose the winners.

Gautam Adani, Chairman of the Adani Group says that he is humbled by how social entrepreneurs commit themselves to the challenging, often underappreciated, but necessary work of assisting the less fortunate.

While they must invest extensively to enable the transition to a greener, low-carbon planet, that transition must also include plans for people’s social advancement. Only by creating an atmosphere of faith and optimism for the world’s most socially deprived people will the green sprouts of recovery for the planet be truly green. He is optimistic that the Adani Prize and the Green Talks series will lay the groundwork for this process of identifying and funding social entrepreneurs who are making a significant impact, added Adani.

The Adani Group is inviting other associates, including corporations, to join in the initiative to create a cooperative fund for social enterprises, which will help to boost the number of projects that can be funded for social upliftment. As a first move, the Group will launch an open-source innovation platform to serve as an unifying factor for the best ideas from social enterprises around the world.

Five social enterprises were felicitated and honoured at the Adani Green Talks in Ahmedabad, after being chosen from over 25,000 social enterprises that participated in the 2021 TiE Sustainability Summit in October. 

1. Pad-Man founder Arunachalam Muruganantham

2. Healthcare innovator iKure

3. Prosthetics technologist RoboBionics

4. Automation developer GenRobotics

5. DharaviMarket founder Megha Gupta

Several dignitaries, including Costa Rican Ambassador Dr. Claudio Anso Rena and Israel’s Deputy Ambassador Mrs Rony Yedi Dia-Clein, attended the first-ever Green Talks.

About the Adani Group

The Adani Group is a diverse Indian conglomerate with a combined market capitalization of $123 billion, comprising six publicly traded companies. It has built world-class transportation and utility infrastructure portfolios with a presence across India. The Adani Group is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Over the years, Adani Group has aligned itself as the market leader in its energy utility portfolio businesses, and transport logistics with a focus on large-scale infrastructure development in India and O&M practices that are bench-marked to global standards. It is India’s only Infrastructure Investment Grade issuer, with four IG-rated businesses.

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