, a leader in the computing power-sharing industry, announced that it has collaborated with the mining giant and strategic partner, Bitmain, for unveiling a new service line that features innovative cryptocurrency miner hosting solutions. Customers worldwide can now purchase compliant mining machines and have them maintained through the server hosting platform. works for power-sharing solutions for the crypto mining industry to expand hosting services and additional flexibility to the mining community. After the partnership with Bitmain,’s new offering will be known as “Cloud Hosting.” They aim to lower the barrier of entry for individual miners to provide consistent volume for computing power. Additionally, will offer users the possibility of ownership at the cost of buying and maintaining their mining machines. aims to maintain the user’s accountability and maintain remotely hosted crypto miners. also allows customers to check their progress in real-time through the platform. With transparent operations, server maintenance, and 24-hour customer service for their customer base. They are not charging any fees for a limited time, and maintenance fees would be directly deducted from the miner rewards.

The miners need to host 1 mining machine, and customers can join others as a group to pool the services. The mining machines are supplied to by its strategic partner Bitmain and provide maintenance and repair services. This helps to access mining machines to fulfill requirements for a secure supply of electricity. is also known for being a stable business operator in the computing power-sharing industry. Being an industry leader, they have maintained a strong connection with Bitmain as its strategic partner. has also partnered with industry leaders such as and Antpool to ensure mining machines’ quality and reliability.


With a monthly traffic of over 2.5 million, is a leading power-sharing platform that offers the users to mine cryptocurrencies in a reliable, transparent, and convenient way. It saves the users from the hassles of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines, and individual miners can avail of this service at the reach of one click.

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